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On the Floor with Orihime

Tags: Missionary Style, Pov, Orihime Inoue,

9 July 2015
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  • Robin: que rico
    16 Jul 2015 00:53
  • joe: Hello there! Thanks for signing up again. So technically, you're not a 'newuser' anymore. Hahaha! Got all 4 parts of your request and have put them on my worklist. I'll get right on it as soon as I finish the first ones. :)
    13 Jul 2015 01:56
  • joe: Hello! Thanks for being a member. I got your request - all 3 parts of it. I have put on queue on my worklist and will post it here once I get it done. I aim to finish more stuff within the week. Thanks again!
    13 Jul 2015 01:54
  • joe: I seem to be getting more Orihime requests than normal so that won't be the last. Hahaha! I'll check on your request and work on it ASAP.
    13 Jul 2015 01:39
  • joe: I thought some would think it was Ichigo in hollow-ish form. But the intention was really to have Ulquiorra's skin tone for a hint that it really is him with Orihime.
    13 Jul 2015 01:37
  • joe: Thank you. I'm glad you're satisfied with it. :)
    13 Jul 2015 01:34
  • Common: Hey i'm kinda 'new' here too just sent my request splited into 3 parts have you received them all Joe? I read some comments about blank requests... sorry to make it too long but i tried to describe my request the best i could to prevent asking for modifications and take more of your time later. Let me know if is every thing alright thanks.
    12 Jul 2015 00:02
  • Ector: You did it again Joe Yours Orihime pics always impressed me a lot and this is not exempt She so hot here Thanks very much for doing another pic for me
    11 Jul 2015 21:16
  • Shussy: I love that you used Ulquiorra's skin color for the guy! Always better than some random anon color! great work :)
    9 Jul 2015 19:33
  • newuser9965: I Split it between 4 short messages have you received them all?
    9 Jul 2015 18:20
  • newuser9965: This layout is very nice and i like it but another one with Inoue? You just did one try some more diversified girls well anyway. I signed for the site again and droped my request for you just hope you are not overflowing with requests, hope i can view it before this new membership expires.
    9 Jul 2015 18:18