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No Ichigo, No Problem

Tags: Lesbian, Fingering, Kurosaki Yuzu, Ikumi Unagiya,

31 August 2014
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  • random: one thing I'm interested to see and would think is interesting is if Isshin remarried, to Ikumi. I did like the way her and Ichigo interact with each other
    31 Aug 2014 13:54
  • GoP: FINALLY your back! Awesome pieces of art!
    31 Aug 2014 07:18
  • S.Star: Glad art block hasn't affected quality just yet :) Glad you fight through and allow us to enjoy your quality artwork Lexus!
    31 Aug 2014 06:57
  • Blaise: Agreed with Kiddo! This truly is marvelous!
    31 Aug 2014 04:50
  • Kiddo: Wow, the camera angle in this suits an animation of some sort. Lexus, I really hope you learn how to animate in the future. ...because I think that animating is the only thing left for you to know and master.
    31 Aug 2014 03:25
  • hatake: We definitely need more of Ikumi. Best milf in the show
    31 Aug 2014 02:13
  • Zarak: I'm I dead? I think this is paradise.
    31 Aug 2014 01:13