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Another Beach Bitch

Tags: Kuchiki Rukia, Cum, Missionary Style, Bleach Beach,

31 August 2014
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  • Don: Many thanks for making my request lexus, i really like the pic and the details of it ;)
    31 Aug 2014 11:32
  • GoP: Rukia is so damn pretty! Even though I prefer her with short hair. You're a BOSS when it comes to drawing her. I hope you'll do it more often!
    31 Aug 2014 07:41
  • shinigami: Rukia os a bit too angular. Other than that it is a job well done as it continues on with the style that you have been using for her thus far.
    31 Aug 2014 06:43
  • Kiddo: I love how all your Rukia pics are consistent. The boobs, the hair-style, the face proportions. You rock.
    31 Aug 2014 03:19
  • Jear: Great picture, is the continuation of the pic: give it to me baby.
    31 Aug 2014 00:58
  • hatake: Glad to have you back lexus. No offense to Joe, but I find your artwork better than his. Especially these past several pictures, and more especially this picture of Rukia
    31 Aug 2014 00:31