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Lieutenants Need to Fuck too

Tags: Ise Nanao, Hisagi Shuhei,

1 December 2014
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  • Jacketguy: Oh shit, it got through!?!? Ok disregard that first comment, Nanao's breasts are looking pretty plump :)
    2 Dec 2014 00:24
  • Jacketguy: Test Comment: Hentai is awesome.
    2 Dec 2014 00:22
  • Xeos: I'm not sure why, but your last 3 pics look really sloppily drawn. The lines and shading are fine but when it comes to the highlights, you make them look really glossy and it's too much. Also the nipples look terrible again. Compared to the image "A Wild Ride" that you did a couple days ago, the quality has dropped.
    1 Dec 2014 20:11