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I'll Impregnate You

Tags: Hardfuck, Ririn, Jinta Hanakari,

28 May 2014
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  • Snipars: His artwork surpasses that of the Bleach animators.
    31 May 2014 03:49
  • JulCan1987: This is a great picture, it's nice to see new things on this site. By the way, Jinta is impregnating everyone. Rukia, Yuzu and now Ririn, damn Jinta, how many kids do you want. Well anyways, very nice.
    30 May 2014 03:04
  • Ahegao!: Good Image.
    29 May 2014 06:48
  • Zarak: Damn this is really good, you should this "i'll impregnate you" as a series featuring more characters cumming inside the other girls.
    29 May 2014 01:31
  • Kiddo: Lexus, at the rate you are going, I think the only way to surpass your skills is to animate your images. Because at this point, your art is on par with the Bleach animators. Sometimes your art makes me want to see a whole sex scene with such-&-such characters you draw.
    28 May 2014 23:55