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I Can't Stop Dreaming About Him

Tags: Dildo, Kuchiki Rukia, Kon, Solo, Ahegao,

7 August 2014
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  • random: is mentioning comments being closed some kind of taboo? cause those who mentioned it get massively downflagged. my guess is asshole members doing it
    9 Aug 2014 01:46
  • aro boros: Amazing. Nice to see rukia
    8 Aug 2014 04:32
  • Sj: Awesome pose! By the way Lexus,why not put Rukia and Riruka together?
    8 Aug 2014 00:57
  • Ricky: Whoa, holy shit this is amazing! Rukia is my favourite, and Rukia solo is even better. Fucking wonderful, Lexus. Nice choice on the request, Erebos.
    7 Aug 2014 19:29
  • hatake: I don't know what it is, but it's like if anyone mentions comment section being closed the person gets majorly downvoted. asshole members is what i say
    7 Aug 2014 19:07
  • Zarak: I'M BACK! excellent work as always lexus ^_^ I feel sorry for not being able to praise your art and joe's since the "comments" incident, but I'm back on track XD
    7 Aug 2014 18:45
  • hatake: Surprised to see that we can comment now. That was real bullshit before
    7 Aug 2014 17:41
  • Nya: Rukia! :3
    7 Aug 2014 12:15
  • Blaise: That dildo looks weird! Hahaha, Great pic as Always Lexus!
    7 Aug 2014 12:14
  • Lexus: <strong>it's no prob at all! no worries! will make another version with a slightly different pose though, if u don't mind..:)
    7 Aug 2014 10:02
  • GodOfPeace: Yay! We can leave comments again!=) Perfect pic from a perfect artist.:&gt;
    7 Aug 2014 09:51
  • Erebos: Well, I find it hard to ask, considering how much effort you've already put into this beautiful pic, but I would be glаd to see Rirukа version as well.
    7 Aug 2014 06:21
  • Lexus: <strong>what do you mean its not important?? XD i completely changed the character!! XDD sorry! let me know if you want a Riruka Version, since I didn't read your instruction correctly! x__x
    7 Aug 2014 05:30
  • Erebos: Amazing pic, Lexus-sаn! Thank you very much! P.S. Аlthough it's not very important, in the request was mentioned Riruka, if I remember correctly.
    7 Aug 2014 04:50