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Happy Birthday Tatsuki, Haribel, Iba

Tags: Bleachbabes, Lesbian, Tier Harribel, Arizawa Tatsuki, Iba Tetsuzaemon,

27 July 2015
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  • PinkHair: Sure, HentaiKey may be his first job, but he had to have learned these skills from somewhere and practiced with critics and other group of artists alike.
    28 Jul 2015 05:12
  • UzumakiFan: This is his first job lexus mention about it on the comments...
    27 Jul 2015 20:29
  • UzumakiFan: I think this one much better, too much details theres no limits for your talents congratulations. By the way... HOW DARE THEY GIVE SUCH LOW RATE FOR THIS MASTERPIECE???!!! :x
    27 Jul 2015 20:27
  • PinkHair: This Birthday thing is a genius idea if perspective pictures like these continue to be made. If I may ask, where were you as an artist before working for HentaiKey? It's just weird how, with your amazing talent, you weren't known before hand. Lexus, you're a blessing to this site.
    27 Jul 2015 17:29
  • Don: thats great xD
    27 Jul 2015 11:13
  • Lexus: <strong>yeah i already have one ready for posting Xd just typing out some words, will XD
    27 Jul 2015 11:07
  • Don: thats really awesome, but can we get a version with the full pic (not on tv)^^?
    27 Jul 2015 10:56