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Giving the Zanpakuto Reward

Tags: Bleachporn.lesbian, Tobiume, Hinamori Momo, Anon,

9 March 2016
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  • Peliazul: Excuse Me What ? From when and how the rule is only 2 artist per site are working ? If only two artists are working here than what three artists are accepting requests here ? And how about others sites where been announced that three and more artists will be working there and members still may make requests there ? What members should to do if they are already wasted their requests to artists who can't drawing here and on others sites too ? And why such very important for every members info w...
    asn't officially announced yet ? And when HKey gonna say it ? Because HKey bosses and disrespect and love trolling own members ?
    11 Mar 2016 05:45
  • Lexus: <strong>The only thing i could do is to do my best to update regularly, the suggestion u have is nice, but im not in position to make changes for the site, i could suggst it over to my boss, but they are already having a hard time fixing glitches and making stuff work, cause if it were that easy they couldve done the site better a long time ago. there are issues in wordpress that they are still trying to work around with, give them time, im sure they will be able to do something with all the iss...
    ues the members are having. i was asked to be at Bpixxx for 2 weeks and the other weeks i can choose, ill be at smpixxx this week. then fanpixxx. We cannot go to Npixxx since the artist doesnt seem to want to change site anytime soon. and the rule is only 2 artist per site, which kinda only applies to me joe and aidan. Plus i dont like narutopixxx, the drama there is just meh. maybe next batch ill try 2 weeks on FT and Fanpixxx. thanks for sharing your input.
    10 Mar 2016 14:10
  • sabakunogaara: Cool picture hey Lexus i've got a question for you. Since you don't have as many requests on bleach as Fpixxx,FTpixxx and probably Opixxx have you consider doing like Joe and instead spend one week in a site you stay two? i mean those sites need your help not only you but Joe too. Joe did pretty good on Fpixxx if weren't for Joe the site would've semidead not completely dead cause there are still updates from that Sven. Like i said if the admins won't or don't want hire new artists and prefer sw...
    itch artist between sites may they increase the time you guys spend on the sites to two weeks instead only one. Narutopixxx is also other site that could use your guys help in fact they really need you guys there. This thing of switching artists isn't bad but they need to extend, if you think well, even the sites like Npixxx and Opixxx who already have their consistent artists won't be 'dead' if anything happen to their artists because there always will have someone to give a hand and keep the sites updated, please let your managers know about that and tell them to read the comments too just don't ask me to submit a ticket because is a waste of time most time they do not reply i mean the blog managers the support guy Kevin is pretty nice. Also ask them to add your guys for NPixxx only two artist for that site is too little man don't they realize that? and the slogan 'Update Daily' is totally false. We complain because we like the sites and we want improvements for better and fair for everyone in the end we don't want to cancel our subscription but the way things are going they are forcing us to do that. Sorry about the very long text i just want to say something else about my last comments, i'm not here to point fingers or trolling or accusations and i'm not saying just because someone is an old member he's better than a new one not that or contrary, new or old we are all members and we deserve our requests done but it is very unfair the same people get their requests done consecutively for different sites(specially those who already has requests done) while others new/old are still waiting their turn and dont't have a single one done. Same goes to those who get their pictures done like 1-3 weeks, one picture is more than enough per month for the same member HK, think about the artist too they are not here to work for you they are human like us flesh and blood they eat, sleep, get sick and they've got their own personal issue to take care. Compared to many other sites they update 1-2 picture per week like Milftoon, Jigglygirls, CartooValley i'd say Pixxx updates are not that bad.
    9 Mar 2016 17:54