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Tags: Threesome, Bleachporn.lesbian, Emilou Apacci, Strap On Dildo, Pov, Tier Harribel, Soi Fon, Ahegao,

24 April 2015
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  • Phl: Thanks Lexus, as always the pic is amazing! Definitely happy with it, but looking back at my instructions I see it wasn't clear but I wanted Harribel to be wearing the strap-on. I may see if I can get an edit done at some point for that, if possible. Don't get me wrong though, this is still great! Would it be bad to ask Joe to try his hand at a similar pic or to edit it soon? I don't want to seem greedy. Hope all is well, I just read about you going somewhere else for a month or someth...
    ing, you will be missed, thanks again!
    24 Apr 2015 21:22
  • Zarak: That is so hot, the Arrancar surely know how to "interrogate" their prisoners ;D
    24 Apr 2015 20:53
  • Don: mmmmooooooaaaa why couldn't it be soi fons POV perspective.... at least harribels tits look very nice from that point^^
    24 Apr 2015 19:32