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By Request from SennaFan: Matsuri and Senna in a ponytail with red ribbon, both naked based on this link https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/16888311. Background will be bed or mattress with hearts pattern. Matsuri (left) with red strapon on Senna (right)'s wet pink pussy. Matsuri's face is loving it with sexy expression and have her right hand on Senna's wet pussy to spread them for the strapon, not on the nipple. Senna's face is enjoying it and have her left hand groping her own left breast, and her right arm is behind Matsuri's left shoulder. Both girls have blush on faces, bigger breasts with pink nipples than the link, and no public hairs.

Characters: Matsuri Kudo, Senna Inaba,

Tags: Matsuri Kudo, Senna Inaba, Bleachpixxx,

17 March 2020
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  • Tyrion: This site seems to be coming back to life soon. Announced a new season of "Bleach" in 2021 plus a new project from Kubo-sensei "Burn the Witch" will receive the own anime adaptation this summer too I hope this anime will not turn into another tearful-romantic yuri love-story
    22 Mar 2020 10:08
  • 7SinsOmen: O_O Holy- This is amazing.
    19 Mar 2020 13:36