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10 April 2015
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  • joe: It's alright. These things happen and it shouldn't be a problem. We'll do better next time, I'm sure.
    16 Apr 2015 02:48
  • newuser9965: @Hercule: First off = I did not ask for any high heels, them were on the reference picture i posted. Second = Just like the artist Joe said he was asked to make it "exactly" as the reference Picture, that includes the clothing, shoes, face expression and others. If you can't see or read the note posted by the artist at right side of the picture i suggest you buy GLASSES or go back to school to learn read english. And for last = If you do not have proof or evidences to acuse people and confi...
    rm what you're saying is true. I suggest you stop accusing others based on what they ask or do not ask on their requests, and before you get in trouble. You are being inconvenient to the other users and bothering artists work, they are just gentle enough to not say that to you. If you have any complainings or report about me, him or anybody else go to the support to submit a ticket and stop bothering the users and artists. @Joe: No i apologies to you man, if i did not mention it on my request or adressed to lexus perhaps i forgot, as you said i'm still new here and things happen. Please apologize me for any inconvenience or misundertanding. That's all for now see you guys in a couple months. PS: Do not allow assholes like 'this' to ruin Hentai Key and your artists works. 'People' like this usually are unoccupied who wants to get some 'attention', so the best thing to do is just ignore them.
    15 Apr 2015 04:20
  • joe: Thanks for giving us a heads up. Whether this accusation is true or false, we'll be able to find out either way. Lexus and I will forward this kind of situation to the admins for further investigation. We all want fairness here.
    15 Apr 2015 01:16
  • Hercule: Joe don't listen to this cheater don't accept this cheater requests...You must stop this man..
    14 Apr 2015 23:41
  • Hercule: He's not new to the blog joe its Lexus1Fan cheating again, look at the heels he always ask for heels, stockings, cowgirl, tanlines etc..Good job again Edwardnewgate..so this is your new name newuser9965? WAKE UP joe this cheater is cheating you do not be fooled by this cheater. You must realize that there is only one person behind all that names: Edwardnewgate, Ero-shunsui, King-Mathew, Purehito-Master, Unohana-Lover, Bigbang, Pyonwang, Minervarules, Lexus1fan, Ferdsfan, Hentaipixxxfan, Hentai-B...
    oy, The-Joker, Don and now newuser9965. And maybe more. Rex knows, Robert knowns, Lexus knows (finally), but I think its time to Claudius and you realize this.
    14 Apr 2015 17:35
  • joe: Thanks. I'll take note of those things you pointed out.
    14 Apr 2015 10:31
  • joe: Thanks. We'll look for your last request on the suggestion box.
    14 Apr 2015 10:27
  • joe: Supposedly, it would look the same in a mobile device. The blog is optimized for mobile devices too, if I'm not mistaken.
    14 Apr 2015 10:25
  • joe: The request wasn't addressed to Lexus so I took it. I strictly followed your reference as was stated in the suggestion box (which was a .gif image). There was no mention of it being "anal" nor any mention of a "long skirt in front". All there was in there was it "should be the same outfit except that it is black with the same facial expression as the reference". Perhaps it would be useful if you could include those details next time. It is completely understandable for this as given by your name...
    that you are quite new to the blog. And I am sorry for any kind of miscommunication if there ever was on our end. There's plenty of chances for you to put in more requests. :)
    14 Apr 2015 10:24
  • newuser9965: I though this request suppose to be for lexus you did a good job joe. Except for the fact it suppose to be anal, her boob look saggin, right leg is very very odd and the 'outfit' suppose to be like a long skirt in front. Good work with the shoes by the way. Next time perharps i ask lexus for a 'new version' of it, anyway thanks.
    13 Apr 2015 19:13
  • man: Is there a way to see the picture in full resolution, where it's not blurry? On a mobile device
    11 Apr 2015 05:02
  • Phl: I was a little confused by the wording of where to post reminders for requests so I will put mine here, hope that is ok. I made a request back in Feb, a yuri threesome (Sui Feng, Apache, Harribel). I saw it on the wall, just wanted to make sure that it was seen (not trying to be a pain here!). Thanks!
    11 Apr 2015 02:14
  • Hentaipixxxfan: DAMN i don't believe this one was REALLY made by Joe O.o!!! this is really hot though her right leg looks unproportional to the left, putting that aside is really HOT. Gratz, but you still needs to work on the faces, why don't you try photocopy then edit the faces Joe?
    10 Apr 2015 18:25