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Tags: Unohana Retsu, Matsumoto Rangiku, Orgy, Bleach Orgy, Cirucci Sanderwicci, Unohana Yachiru, Shihoin Yuroichi, Shihouin Yoruichi, Camcorder, Lipstick,

10 April 2015
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  • joe: They all looked weird to me with lipstick on, actually. Except for Cirrucci who was designed that way from the start.
    14 Apr 2015 10:38
  • joe: Sorry it wasn't as what you had in mind. Though I'm certain there was no mention on your request that it was addressed to Lexus. That's the only reason I did this one in the first place. The trouble was there wasn't much detail in your request. It only stated the positions of the girls and that's it. The reference was not much to go by either. Admittedly, I missed the "Rangiku is wearing stockings" part - that was stated on the request, yes. We could try again, sure. Hopefully this time, it gets...
    addressed to the actual artist who you want to do it and with clear instructions and specifications. With the work load we have, it is easy for us to overlook this detail unintended though we always try our best not to miss small details.
    14 Apr 2015 10:36
  • joe: I'm sure Lexus' version could be better. Still, this image was done to the requester's specification and the "reference" provided. The reference was not much though.
    14 Apr 2015 10:29
  • HKmember23: I agree with you guys except for Cirucci who look like the anime all others are real ugly and Rangiku look alike a porn star i forgot the name doesn't look rangiku at all lol. Yoruichi look like a teenager lol. No offence Joe but this one should've be made by lexus he would've done a masterpiece i bet.
    11 Apr 2015 01:32
  • Hentaipixxxfan: Except for cirucci all thers are REALLY odd, this one you didn't do well sorry to say that
    10 Apr 2015 18:27
  • Urameshi: Ow man i adressed this request to lexus because i knew it would be hard for you to make it. And it's a little wrong Rangiku suppose to be wearing stockings, Retsu suppose to be licking Rangiku's ass etc. Cirucci is great by the way, you improved alot but i assume i'll have to ask lexus to make another one on him version of this, but not now. I'll do this next month because i know you guys are working on other requests now plsu i just got 'this' one now. Appreciate you by taking it Joe though i...
    didn't like very much at least this time and for the first i had my request done.
    10 Apr 2015 17:13
  • Celto: Rangiku's face looks very off here. Yorucihi looks quite nice with lipstick, though.
    10 Apr 2015 16:22