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7 August 2015
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  • Don: yea, thats seems to be my account name, i can't request under "Don" anymore
    11 Aug 2015 13:48
  • Lexus: <strong>you mentioned Halloween... are you fish1337? 8D
    11 Aug 2015 07:25
  • S.Star: Amazing and amazing!!
    11 Aug 2015 02:32
  • Don: good to hear that textsave works :) don't stress yourself i can wait ^^ yea i know i just got some good ideas and wanted to post them, thats the reason i did more than one request last month i know that i might have to wait a while till they are all done but thats no problem if they all will be done at the end ;) there for i will not post any new requests this and the next month thx so far
    11 Aug 2015 00:22
  • Lexus: <strong>thanks! really? u still have a request on april i havent made yet cause u made multiple request that month..:) just letting u know that those will be done ^^ but per month batch, unless u cancel one or give me intructions on what i should be doing first. Got everything on textsave!
    11 Aug 2015 00:09
  • Don: yea the comments are back again very hot pic lexus thx i posted a request for halloween (yes i know its a little bit early but better early than late^^) twice as textsave and as normal request, can you tell me if you got it?
    9 Aug 2015 13:03
  • OjiSan: nice
    9 Aug 2015 12:26