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Extra Training for the World of the Living

Tags: Dildo, Kuchiki Rukia, Lesbian, Fingering, Masturbate, Wet Pussy, Pleasuring, Shino,

27 August 2015
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  • Westes: Don't repeat yourself, some examples would be fine. What do you see that we don't?
    30 Aug 2015 04:32
  • zbober: Yes, I am aware and I am not in any rush to get all of mine done. Also, If you ever have some time, could you maybe move Shino's leg a bit to the side so her boob is visible?
    29 Aug 2015 20:47
  • Celto: Most of the time the faces look pretty good, however in some images they do look quite off-model.
    28 Aug 2015 20:46
  • joe: Not sure what you mean...care to elaborate?
    28 Aug 2015 08:27
  • joe: No problem. You are welcome. I have noticed that you put in a number of requests. I'm sure you are aware that it may take some time before me and Lexus can get around finishing all of them, right? In any case, I'm sure you know how it works. We'll eventually do all of them once we're done with the other members'.
    28 Aug 2015 08:26
  • zbober: Wow, was not expecting my request so soon. Thank you very much Joe!
    27 Aug 2015 23:48
  • Celto: Lately the faces are starting to look slightly deformed.
    27 Aug 2015 20:56