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Espada needs a sex slave like you

Tags: Hardfuck, Antenor Luppi, Orihime Inoue,

4 July 2014
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  • ikamuzu: clearly the goal of this site isnt to make art that resembles the anime i know i sound like a dick im just saying how i feel what is it 3 or 4 artists on this site and not a single one of them is good in terms of making it resemble the anime im not going to act like none of you have ever made a good pic before but i wouldnt be lying if i said a majority of the pics on this site are shit and im not going to act like i can do better either because i cant thats why i count on the internet to provid...
    e what i want
    7 Jul 2014 18:01
  • Gambit: As I said a female version of Luppi would be fine :) Yeah I guess a trap version would be too extreme for this site and yeah the F-bombs would be unbearable haha
    5 Jul 2014 13:06
  • joe: I even thought he was a she before.
    5 Jul 2014 12:34
  • joe: I think so. I didn't see a category for Luppi before I made this one.
    5 Jul 2014 12:33
  • joe: Errr, I'm not so sure about that...Hahaha! Imagine the F bombs members will drop us if we did that...I don't know. Awww gawd, shoot me. Hahaha!
    5 Jul 2014 12:32
  • Gambit: Luppi = High-tier trap Luppi looks and acts totally like a girl and the only thing that differs him from the bleach girls is the junk lol. I would rather see him/her getting anal-fucked by Gin or Grimmjow. I know that yaoi or trap hentai is probably not allowed here but Luppi is a high-tier trap and I think none of you guys would mind if Lexus or Joe made a gender-bender pic with Luppi. (you know - Luppi with a pussy)
    5 Jul 2014 10:32
  • xxeee: cool, I think this is the first pic with luppi in it.
    4 Jul 2014 22:35
  • ????: Indeed
    4 Jul 2014 21:33
  • Ichimaru the fox: I always thought luppi was gay
    4 Jul 2014 15:24