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Tags: Halloween, Solo, Soi Fon, Crossover,

1 November 2015
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  • rirukafan: Lexus, need more Riruka, also, good to have you back
    5 Nov 2015 05:13
  • zetsu00: soi fon my love : ) yummy
    4 Nov 2015 15:36
  • DkDrk: Well you could pay and request it if u didnt already
    2 Nov 2015 02:35
  • Kyuubi: Allow me to take this time to give you the Quincy girls hair and eye colours (since we now have the official ones). Bambietta:dark brown hair and brown eyes Candice:green hair and blue eyes Giselle:black hair and blue eyes Meninas:pink hair and green eyes Liltotto:blonde hair and purple eyes
    2 Nov 2015 01:16
  • UzumakiFan: Welcome back Lexus you were missed, great pictures you brought to us and as always all top updates as usual as for my link... well I double checked all the links before and after post and them are all working perfectly fine for me... Anyway I'll be sending you a new one please check your suggestion box.
    1 Nov 2015 20:24
  • PinkHair: How does one take requests and transform them into mere perfections? Lexus, your creativity knows no bounds.
    1 Nov 2015 16:10
  • lis301: Now wait for Lexus in the next year))
    1 Nov 2015 15:29
  • Phllbrun: Thanks for a great job, Lexus! As usual you surpassed expectations!
    1 Nov 2015 11:04
  • daniel: come on man just having lexus back is awesome enough xD... good to see you man
    1 Nov 2015 10:44
  • Hentaifan: What about my request with sung-sung Lexus? please its time :/
    1 Nov 2015 09:26
  • Rukiafan: Not a single Rukia pic from the batch :(
    1 Nov 2015 08:51