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Bond of Best Friends

Tags: Dildo, Arisawa Tatsuki, Lesbian, Orihime Inoue,

20 October 2015
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  • Don: not really but i think lexus is the kind of guy who would say something before he quits. Ellery never posted any comment and so he/she simple disapeared.
    21 Oct 2015 16:36
  • joe: You are welcome. I'm glad you liked it.
    21 Oct 2015 09:01
  • EVA-013: Do you really think if Admins say the truth like "Sorry people but we lost two great artists" or "Sorry people but we lost one great artist Aidan when another one lexus is not very interesting working here too and probably we'll lose him too soon" will make you and others members feels better ?
    21 Oct 2015 04:31
  • Veltis: What a beautiful hot lesbi art ! It's too good to be a truth Thanks Joe
    20 Oct 2015 20:15
  • Don: still no sign from lexus or aidan and no informations from the admins? really bad...
    20 Oct 2015 19:58
  • Celto: It's just my opinion, but the asses look a little flat, and the assholes seem to be awkwardly positioned.
    20 Oct 2015 17:47
  • Ripkyouraku: Make pls more of future tatsuki i lover her
    20 Oct 2015 11:14