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Bleach Volume 4: Meninas Mcallon for Breakfast

Tags: Meninas Mcallon, Softcore, BLEACHPIXXX Covers,

3 July 2015
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  • Lexus: <strong>Hello mewtwo! please let me know what your request was? i cannot find it on suggestions, i did however, found something way back 2010! Did ellery ever made it? you don't have comments on spam either. If there are concerns don;t hesitate to let us know, that goes to ALL members, we will help as much as possible,
    21 Jul 2015 13:45
  • mewtwo: I'm not Kirito-Kun or EVA-19 but i believe i do have a request quite old for Bleachpixxx that so far was not made yet. i'd like to know if is everything alright with my request? But i took a peek on comments and i think is really unfair keep some people waiting for their requests to favor others. There's no need to give advantage to a few and forget about others when we are all paying the same price for the whole content. Second what i've heard this is not the first time happening, i speak by my...
    self almost 4 months waiting for my request on Sailormoonpixxx and does not include any heels or tan...
    5 Jul 2015 18:43
  • S.Star: ....Amazing what you have to put up with. Sounds like they're just not getting it. Their loss. Anyway nice work as always Lexus, don't let them get to you!!
    5 Jul 2015 08:31
  • EVA-013: You absolutely right Eddy "very ‘common’ artists here on HentaiKeypixxx share the habit to ‘forget’ some people requests and give advantage to certains users" that is exactly what lexus to do with yours highheels and tanlines requests because he also like this fetish as you and he may ‘forget’ some people requests who is not in this fetish and have nothing complains about Darwin from Npixxx and Ferds from FTpixxx those guys also may ‘forget’ some people requests but not only yours But unfortunat...
    s But unfortunately for You Aidan from SMpixxx do not hurry up make a exlusive freeway for yours special requests and do them out of turn like lexus Darwin and Ferds constantly doing and rex who completely ignore all yours tanlines and highheels requests doesn't matter what He obviously must be a troll hater and paranoic like me By the way lexus did only two my requests for all this time
    5 Jul 2015 05:55
  • Lexus: <strong> There is currently something wrong with our reply system. ANYWAY @Kirito-kun, your request was "BLANK" it really doesn't matter if u cant remember, go create a new one and comment it here or something...do whatever you need to do so i could get a description from u.. the important thing is that your name was there already.
    5 Jul 2015 04:00
  • Kirito-Kun: Well then 'houston we have a problem' again because i don't even have the request i submited here as copy anymore i deleted everything 'trusting' that my request would be done soon what clearly did not happend. Plus i heard it's very 'common' artists here on HentaiKeypixxx share the habit to 'forget' some people requests and give advantage to certains users like Don, Halibelxxx, EVA etc. Well that does not matter to me. So translating...sorry but i no longer have or remember the request, if you...
    are up for a new one i'll request the descriptions by the comments or you can simply draw from my friend who recently posted I'll tell the name of course. Which is because of him i'm aware my name pop up here by you, because in fact i do not intend to join this site again so early. Unless they do something that we don't have to wait months by our requests while the artists favours 'certain' users. And for the trolls all i got to say is... Go Fuck Yourself!.
    4 Jul 2015 23:28
  • Don: from an artistic point of view this pretty cool but when i compare this manga style with your other pictures i would say this is a backstep because the manga pics look more like pre versions of your original works
    4 Jul 2015 00:25
  • Lexus: <strong> doesn't matter if u are not a member, you dont have to avail premium membership if its only for "THIS", your name was already there on the suggestion box, the requests is just blank, u can just comment here your descriptions.
    3 Jul 2015 23:36
  • Kirito-Kun: Right but problem is i'm not a member anymore what guarantee me IF i sign up one more time my request will be made shortly? Besides i ain't paying 30USD just to send one request only, because you took too long to let me know about the issue and my membership expired...
    3 Jul 2015 18:14
  • : Shame there arn't more of pixxx of her.
    3 Jul 2015 18:10
  • Hidan: Kirito-kun? No man its Edwardnewgate aka Lexus1fan, etc!! I guess this request hava heels, tan lines, camera effect or peace sign, right?
    3 Jul 2015 05:08