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BLEACH BEACH: Invited to Pool Party

Tags: Shihouin Yoruichi, Solo, Wet Pussy, Pussy Spread,

3 July 2015
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  • KRMeiterumilover23: Very hot.
    10 Aug 2015 00:45
  • Lexus: <strong>that is alright! :)
    9 Jul 2015 02:35
  • Westes: Great! Thanks for letting me know. Sorry if the description is longer than waht's usual, I just wish to make your work more comfortable by being more precise. You're no mind readers after all.
    9 Jul 2015 01:18
  • Lexus: <strong>okay i saw it, textsave is a nice idea for long descriptions :) everything is okay now thanks for cooperating!
    9 Jul 2015 00:55
  • Westes: Strange. I did use Google Chrome when I posted it. I just now posted a Textsave link to my request instead. That should be short enough. There should also be an image reference link after following the submitted link, too. Hope it works.
    9 Jul 2015 00:49
  • Lexus: <strong>I'm sorry, but i checked and it's balnk..:( please use google chrome or as much as possible shorten the description, if it still persist ill report it to the admins .. thanks!
    9 Jul 2015 00:20
  • Westes: Hi, Lexus. I renewed my membership today, and reposted a request from March or April to you just recently. However, I need to hear from you if you've got it or not. There's also a reference link in the request, so it would be great if you could confirm if it works or not. Thanks.
    8 Jul 2015 18:15
  • PinkHair: The line work (especially the face and hair) reminds me of the Ellery's Anime style. Combined with your coloring style, it's like a masterpiece. Keep up the great work Lexus. You keep improving in the right direction. I hope to see future videos on your improved process.
    3 Jul 2015 22:18
  • Zelos: Beautiful! Yoruichi is the Pose Goddess!
    3 Jul 2015 20:32
  • Celto: Also Lexus, any word from the admins if that issues with the dates of Ellery’s images have been fixed?
    3 Jul 2015 18:49
  • WakeUpKiva: Definitely make more Bleach girls in this series! Loly, Senna, and Karin will look hot
    3 Jul 2015 07:19
  • Celto: Lexus, any word from the admins if that issues with the dates of Ellery’s images have been fixed?
    3 Jul 2015 05:01
  • Jear: Awesome! Yoruichi the goddess in a tempting pose *♡*
    3 Jul 2015 03:03
  • Don: wonderfull! a good background gives the pic something special so its importand too i reposted my request with harribel again since you said it was empty (did the site had an update that gone wrong or why do all pics sites have this problem now with long requests?) pls tell me if you can see it this time and if not what i have to do btw pls get carried away with the background too when you get to my request xD
    3 Jul 2015 03:02