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Asian Girl and Latino Boy

25 September 2014
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  • Sasuke -fms-: Nobody characters are the only thing you see here lately phew
    27 Sep 2014 00:37
  • : I like when lexus dresses the girls. Like in heels or socks like he has done before.
    26 Sep 2014 19:22
  • goouki: mexican is latino.
    26 Sep 2014 12:28
  • Shussy: Ehh, chad looks a bit too small for his size?
    26 Sep 2014 09:07
  • Sasuke -fms-: Meh
    26 Sep 2014 06:33
  • hatake: i think officially chad is half-jap and half-mexican. he does use the spanish word for grandfather when he talks about his gramps, and the flashbacks when he was a kid look like mexico
    26 Sep 2014 05:38
  • random: Momo does look good, i think you do her the best of all characters. but it does annoy me seeing her do it with nobody characters like chad. you still did good though, although i agree with others on chad
    26 Sep 2014 05:37
  • WakeUpKiva: No, I don't think Chad is Latino. He seems to be Spanish or Mexican.
    25 Sep 2014 23:56
  • Lexus: <strong>Really? Well, I'm not really sure how he'd be expressing himself here..he seems like a quiet guy, but yeah i see what you're getting at, he seems too bored here?bland expression? anyway thanks! well take note on that in the future :) I like Chad though, he has the most manliest face in bleach, but that's just my opinion XD
    25 Sep 2014 22:48
  • Blaise: Truthfully, I think this is your weakest picture so far Lexus. Chad's facial expression just seems way of on this one, and the most important feature in a Parody Art is the Facial Expression. (I guess this just may be me and my opinion, though). Although you got Momo perfectly done, hope you can improve on Chad in the future!
    25 Sep 2014 20:24
  • LOve: hey good morning lexus renji lack an image of the fellow deserves love
    25 Sep 2014 17:47