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Another New Bitch at School

Tags: Analfuck, Unohana Retsu, Kuchiki Ginrei, School Bitch,

21 June 2014
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  • OjiSan: Wow... can you please draw kuchiki ginrei more picture, please
    5 Jan 2015 19:11
  • Karl: Now Lexus public only every 3 days one image.
    24 Jun 2014 21:52
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    24 Jun 2014 02:47
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    23 Jun 2014 18:47
  • Unohana_Lover: Thank you very much Lexus the pic is perfect, i just wish Unohana would at the same pose Matsumoto is on that picture curved leg, etc. Rangiku is hell sexy on that pose, but this one is nice too, i see you wanted something different.
    23 Jun 2014 18:37
  • Edwardnewgate: ''Bonds says: June 22, 2014 at 4:26 am Unohana_Lover, Edwardnewgate, Purihitomaster, kensei-taichou etc is the same guy and always ask heels and/or peace sign! this dude cuts the request line, beware guys and artists.'' I dont ALWAYS ask for 'heels and/or peace sign' on my request buddy, go check out mine and my friends requests, before spiting out bullshit here you multiple nik requests spammer 69 maniac. Ooooh yeah sorry i forgot, you are NOT a member...=(
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    23 Jun 2014 00:46
  • Unohana_Lover: If you pay attention on my request you will note that it suppose to be like that, like Lexus said... @Posted on: June 21st, 2014 by lexus 7 Comments Requested by Unohana_Lover! This doesn't have the Beach theme since the theme and also the title was specified to be at school :D 'LIKE THE ONE WITH RANGIKU!'Smile for the camera! You should be the one aware about other people request AND specially artist comment...
    22 Jun 2014 23:31
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    22 Jun 2014 23:24
  • EVA-013: I'm has got the same thought And most funny he was the one who said this: "Even those who uses alot different niks for multiple requests, like Erotixxx, xxxLover and many others niks. Besides its easily figured out by their same request like only 69′s pose and their alike nik, Eroti(xxx)-(xxx)Lover. The problem of the pixxx sites is the same user switch their nik to request as many requests as they want…" LOL Hypocrisy and lies over 9000 PS Where are a new pics from Ellery?
    22 Jun 2014 12:16
  • GodOfPeace: F*ck yeah, another Unohana anal pic!^^ It's really awesome, though, the pose is very similar to the previous one. It's completely fine however, keep up the great work!
    22 Jun 2014 06:36
  • Ichimaru the fox: We need more stuff with girls in high heels
    22 Jun 2014 06:17
  • Bonds: Unohana_Lover, Edwardnewgate, Purihitomaster, kensei-taichou etc is the same guy and always ask heels and/or peace sign! this dude cuts the request line, beware guys and artists.
    22 Jun 2014 04:26
  • Even: Unohana sure has been digging anal lately. No complaints here.
    22 Jun 2014 03:34
  • Zarak: Unohana = fuck yeah. Ginrei = hell no! awesome art nonetheless, as always Lexus.
    22 Jun 2014 00:11
  • KenpachiKills: Your art is amazing as always, i really hope you keep working for Bleach Pixxx, i love Ellery artwork, but i must say your art has something unique and i want more from you. Keep up the good work and the constant new updates!
    21 Jun 2014 23:55