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All to please my master

Tags: Unohana Retsu, Lesbian, Isane Kotetsu,

22 June 2014
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  • john: I'm not sure but, you do something very very odd with your faces around the chin section. Besides that nice drawing.
    23 Jun 2014 02:28
  • Fapman: Fap fap fap fap fap
    22 Jun 2014 21:06
  • Xeos: Should there be a tag for Corsets? I mean they look like them.
    22 Jun 2014 17:23
  • Ichimaru the fox: YES YES YES this is brilliant and the lingerie just adds to how sexy it is
    22 Jun 2014 13:42
  • Zarak: WOW...I still can't believe how much you have improved in so little time since you first came here Joe. this is a fucking masterpiece, keep going forward bro, I always have faith in you and your abilities. awesome 10/10
    22 Jun 2014 12:57