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25 May 2014
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  • Lexus: <strong> I would consider that, but how do you mean different styles? like the coloring? or the overall "look/form"? tbh, the one with haineko, was a practice with a different style of drawing vagina i made it more detailed XD.. I searched what ahegao means, and will try and incorporate that on some of my works ;) thanks for suggesting!
    27 May 2014 02:18
  • Kiddo: Awesome wedding gift. Ichigo's dad definitely felt he hit the jackpot. Those flowers are well done Lexus. Flawless!
    26 May 2014 18:36
  • :3: o.o TITS!&lt;3
    25 May 2014 12:45
  • Xeos: Is there a chance that you could possibly practice the way you draw the Vagina's in different styles? I mean they're okay but with the "Pussy" pic with Haineko for example, they don't look good when spread like that. Still though, this is absolutely beautiful, as is she. Any chance for some Aheago faces? I'd love to see Tia like that. x'D
    25 May 2014 10:22