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Yoruichi's Favorite Game

Tags: Anal, Ikkaku Madarame, Shihouin Yoruichi, Hardcore Anal, Anal Cowgirl,

21 August 2015
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  • joe: It's not really a case of "maybe" but a case of "actually". Haha! :)
    21 Aug 2015 22:53
  • joe: Sorry, that position really makes Yoruichi's breasts less visible. I'm glad you still liked it though. :)
    21 Aug 2015 22:52
  • joe: Matter of fact, you are right. I DID copy it from my earlier work, Sherlock. Why? Because that was the request. And it really is an opportunity to be lazy as there is little less effort to be made. Helps us artists take a small break.
    21 Aug 2015 22:50
  • Celto: You're an idiot. Did you not stop to think that MAYBE the requester wanted it done in the exact same pose as an already existing image? In fact, that's what most people do when they make a request, they link an image as a reference and the image is most likely a copy of the reference given.
    21 Aug 2015 19:47
  • Shussy: I requested for a similar position to that pic ;) Although I was hoping to see Ikkaku's ass more and have Yoruichi's boob not covered, but still a great pic! Thanks so much for the request Joe :)
    21 Aug 2015 19:40
  • hm: You copied this from the anal rukia pic you did a while. The position, limbs, even butthole is identical. Lazy lazy.
    21 Aug 2015 08:26