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Who's the Better Tercera

Tags: Halibel, Cum, Threesome, Kurosaki Ichigo, Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck, Tier Harribel, Ichigo You Lucky Bastard,

28 June 2014
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  • S.Star: All of your pics are so amazing Lexus!!
    30 Jun 2014 17:52
  • : In the words of george takei OH MY
    29 Jun 2014 05:59
  • Yoruichilover: You're right in a way that we don't wanna lose the best artist this site ever had but you're completely blind if you think that his art suits naruto better. Hell no. His style looks freaking cool on fairy tail and unimaginably great on bleach. So stop postingy your shit opinion. Nobody wants Lexus to go to NP except you and 1 or 2 more people. Rex is the best on NP . I don't see any problem with his art especially since his art resembles the anime the most.
    28 Jun 2014 23:57
  • Edwardnewgate: You just forgot the tanline on this one =), but as it is on hueco i guess no tanline there (but what if them got the tan outside? =p). Lexus i pray that you go to naruto, you naruto art is perfect man, its the best artwork done by any narutopixxx artist so far. I hope they open a poll and you'll be transfer buddy. Honestly speaking people here just dont wanna lose you, and that why they are thumbing down most comments telling about this. But im sure the adms will do the right thing. As a m...
    ain site naruto deserves an artist like you, and not a a certain 'person' that you know who im talking about =).
    28 Jun 2014 22:02
  • Me: Those fucking tits are glorious.
    28 Jun 2014 17:29
  • OveronX: My...my OTT...It's-It's beautiful TT__TT
    28 Jun 2014 16:59
  • Xeos: This is a grave remainder to everyone of why Lexus should stay at Bleach Pixxx. This piece of art is fantastic.
    28 Jun 2014 15:25
  • Ichimaru the fox: Oh ichigo you lucky bastard I wish I could fuck those two
    28 Jun 2014 11:30
  • Si-Chan: Why ichigo always have trousers :) Nice pic Lexus
    28 Jun 2014 10:30
  • Dildo Daggins: Just awesome, as always. Love the new tag "ichigo you lucky bastard" XD
    28 Jun 2014 09:00
  • Zarak: OMFG, this is pic is hot that transcends all HOTNESS and EPICNESS. and with Ichigo x Nelliel x Harribel is a WIN 100%. GODLIKE job Lexus! (like always) :)
    28 Jun 2014 08:28
  • Zelos: And I love that you included their Espada number 3 tattoos.
    28 Jun 2014 08:16
  • Zelos: Beautiful! Halibel and Neliel are gorgeous!
    28 Jun 2014 07:31