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Tags: Kuchiki Rukia, Bankai, Fingering, Kurosaki Ichigo, Wet Pussy, Bankai Form,

7 June 2014
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  • yeayea: Those two looks perfect abd passionate
    29 Aug 2014 18:27
  • Maikeru: Wow. This is really amazing. Your already as good as, or even better than Ellery was... I'm so glad we are able to get great pictures like this still :3
    12 Jun 2014 04:39
  • Ana: A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Just seeing Rukia and Ichigo, it already perfect. Those two look amazing together. You are talented as you are strong. (Fairy Tail? Anyone? Ok..)
    8 Jun 2014 08:57
  • Maximum Impulse: That's simply amazing. Thanks for the pic! :D
    8 Jun 2014 08:54
  • Erebos: I'm speechless, Lexus-san. This artwork is simply stunning and gorgeous! Thank you very much!
    7 Jun 2014 18:51
  • simply z: i believe that will be volume 63 and it has as nodt on it, its out in japan already
    7 Jun 2014 18:15
  • Zelos: This is an absolute masterpiece, Lexus! Beautiful! :)
    7 Jun 2014 18:05
  • Shussy: This came out great!! I'm not quite caught up yet with the manga, but I'm excited for Rukia bankai!! Makes me wanna catch up now hehe
    7 Jun 2014 17:36
  • Zarak: Wow...this is celestial epicness caught in art! you ROCK Lexus! :D
    7 Jun 2014 17:25
  • Kiddo: ...I think I stared at the thumbnail for one whole minute before grabbing it. It almost makes me wish the Bleach anime comes back. Also, it seems we'll have to wait till that particular manga volume comes out - and hope official colors for Rukia's Bankai are on the volume cover.
    7 Jun 2014 16:56