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Volume 8: Ice make Rukia Magic

Tags: Kuchiki Rukia, Crossovers, BLEACHPIXXX Covers,

6 November 2015
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  • Lexus: <strong>noted :)
    13 Nov 2015 23:38
  • Sasuke -fms-: His Erza pic was pretty good, not only that but sailor moon and Fate And HK wasn't paying him? Damn
    9 Nov 2015 22:49
  • Don: i just saw aidans works at whentai and i must say his skill is waisted at sailor moon pixxx he should be the new fan pixxx artist or somethink like that at sailor moon i never saw how good he actually is, he almost comes close to lexus i think o.O
    9 Nov 2015 22:09
  • Sasuke -fms-: So I guess seeing another artist in fairytailpixxx to make that site active won't be possible Phew pity
    9 Nov 2015 21:52
  • Be@st: New potential sites when the current have serious problems with funding? only one pixxx make money and this is a Narutopixxx rex and Darwin haven't problems with money while others sites is just bonus and HK can't pay a decent salary artists who working on others pixxx-sites that's why artist like Aidan lexus Ferds trying find the alternative way to get money
    9 Nov 2015 17:12
  • PinkHair: To be honest, there are potential new sites that he can work on. 1) Dragonball 2) Avatar Aang/Korra 3) Marvel/DC Comics ...and a few others.
    7 Nov 2015 18:40
  • Westes: Greetings, Lexus. I recently posted a new Textsave link that contains updated versions of my July &amp; September batch requests, and also a possible Christmas themed request for the November batch. I hope you'll check it out when you got time.
    7 Nov 2015 11:09
  • Rukiafan: Rukia drawing by lexus always delivers.
    7 Nov 2015 08:23
  • Erebos: Awesome crossover, Lexus-san!
    7 Nov 2015 07:09
  • Hentaifan: Nice style, Lexus: please remember my request too much time waiting!
    7 Nov 2015 05:13
  • Don: hkey should allow you to draw fairy tail pixxx from time to time^^
    7 Nov 2015 02:08