Home Artists Lexus Volume 7: Bambietta's Halloween get up!

Volume 7: Bambietta's Halloween get up!

Tags: Bambietta Basterbine, Manga Cover,

1 October 2015
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  • Don: no problem as long as i can see my pic this week^^
    11 Oct 2015 20:37
  • Lexus: <strong>sorry for the lack of update on my part. wasnt able to go online because my computer was broken, and i had to get a new one. BTW i skipped ur request, but no worries you are on my queue this week. I had to let a month pass cause you had a request done a month ago and when i made the halloween pic i just posted, it was before september 10th. =.=". Just letting you know and I hope you understand the situation.
    11 Oct 2015 20:01
  • Don: over a week with no updates from lexus. Is something wrong?
    9 Oct 2015 18:07
  • Westes: Hi, Lexus. I just posted a Halloween request for you. Could you please take a look at it? The password is "halloween" (no caps), please check if you can access the link.
    3 Oct 2015 22:51
  • Lexus: <strong>NOTED! :)
    2 Oct 2015 22:50
  • West: Lexus = greatest hentai artist of all time.
    2 Oct 2015 06:52
  • McBootyPirate: Hellz yeah! Any reference to Final Fantasy is greatly appreciated by me. Now if only someone could cosplay as Terra Branford that'd be fantastic...
    2 Oct 2015 04:59
  • WakeUpKiva: Oh yeah, bombs for tits
    2 Oct 2015 02:37
  • Don: ok then pls do the devil/angel halloween request from me if it is one request per member as the halloween one, the other one with kimono and bambieta in some quincy like outfit can go as normal request for august since i did no request in that month
    2 Oct 2015 01:01