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VOLUME 10: Tsundere Teasers

Tags: Kuchiki Rukia, Riruka Dokugamine, Kujo Nozomi, BLEACHPIXXX Covers,

23 February 2016
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  • Westes: I see. Well, they'll get done eventually.
    2 Mar 2016 22:16
  • Lexus: <strong>They are working on something im not sure what it was, but before the other request deletion, we were assigned the requests that we need to do in a certain amount of time. So even though i have copies of your requests, i cannot squeeze them on my queues because its already plotted on my schedule. if there are other concers u can contact support, since they are the ones handling almost everything around the site now :)
    2 Mar 2016 17:36
  • Lexus: <strong>OK ill inform the admin to delete that first one to avoid confusion
    2 Mar 2016 17:27
  • Lexus: <strong>I don't think i can do that, because admins are the ones in charge of giving us the request line up for a certain cut off. I doubt they'll delete them again , I think they only did that because of the new system they are trying to implement with the requests charts that they are now giving the artists for their respective schdules (that's why we can't choose the requests,our schedule is already plotted)
    2 Mar 2016 17:26
  • Don/fish1337: guys, some updates about whats going on with the pixxx sites would be really nice and not to much to ask. it is over a week ago that lexus said he will be on bleachpixxx and we only got one pic since then, the last pic from aidan was 2 weeks ago and the overall update rate of the artists like rex, aidan and lexus is on an all time low for about 2-3 months. the comments are blocked or simply ignored even for members. so pls fix this problem or tell us what is going on because everything els...
    e would be a huge scam and could cause problems for hentai key because the "new images updated every day" is simply not true anymore and could cause members to quit or even want their money back since it is false advertising
    2 Mar 2016 16:23
  • Akatsuki_Pain: Good day Lexus i've sent three request for you to fanpixxx, one piece and fairytail. The other from fanpixxx was old and it's deleted i have no idea of why they deleted my request but is fine. I just wanna ask you to please accept the one from fanpixxx first it's with Belle[beauty and beast] i love her and i would love to see you drawing her for us. I know it gonna take some time i can wait not forever of course ahah. The request for fairytail can be taken next and last one piece, could you d...
    o that favor for me sir? thank you
    25 Feb 2016 02:42
  • Phllbrun: Hey Lexus, very nice cover! I just wanted to comment and ask if you could check the request I just posted on fanpixxx(not to do it, just to confirm). I posted it back in December and reposted a few days ago since textsave stopped working. Just want to be sure the my request is in the proper order (when originally posted) and not being delayed. Thanks!
    24 Feb 2016 03:52
  • Hentaifan22: That is my only one request that i have for all sites very old from Yaichi's time :)
    23 Feb 2016 20:27
  • Hentaifan22: Hi there lexus my request from 2015 gone from fanpixxx suggestion box i reposted it again but the problem is i know you are very busy and i won't have enough cash to keep renewing my subscription until you make to it. So i came here to kindly ask if could you save a note of my request there just in case it is deleted again. Once you draw i'll buy a new subscription to download i ask only for you to save it if you can do that please let me know. Take the time you need but please have it saved.
    23 Feb 2016 20:25
  • maniacHENTAI: Hi Lexus i'm here to inform you that i posted a request for you on fanpixxx few days ago so i would like to tell you to ignore that request first one i posted and take this new one i'll be posting today 02/23. That descriptions was too long i'll update it with shorter descriptions so make sure you read the right one when accepting my request bye and thanks.
    23 Feb 2016 18:42
  • GodOfPeace: Wonderful job!
    23 Feb 2016 11:05
  • Westes: Hey, Lexus. My requests to you got deleted most likely because of TextSave not working anymore. I just reposted 2 of my requests which I actually sent to you as security copies over at WHentai's chat. 1 for Fanpixxx and 1 for Bleachpixxx. I think you should be able to somewhat place them in your workload in a chronological order because you can see the date I sent them to you in WHentai's chat. Unfortunately, it appears that some of my other requests that did not need TextSave got deleted...
    as well. Unless you actually noted them down somewhere else before they disappeared, please do not worry about when I originally posted them anymore. It sucks, but for your convinience sake, let's start anew :)
    23 Feb 2016 08:01
  • Westes: Quite a lovely trio you picked there. They look so cute in their panties :D
    23 Feb 2016 07:27