Home Artists Lexus Volume 1: Easter Surprise "Looking for EASTER EGGS"

Volume 1: Easter Surprise "Looking for EASTER EGGS"

Tags: Bleachbabe, Bleachbabes, Bleachporn.lesbian, Isenanao, Lisa Yadumaru, BLEACHPIXXXSPOTLIGHT, Easter Special, Event, Manga Cover,

9 April 2015
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  • ciphwe: Okay then......
    14 Apr 2015 09:35
  • Lexus: <strong> thanks and no prob!
    11 Apr 2015 04:36
  • Lexus: <strong> I think that's because of the new submission form. Im not sure if the guestwall is still there, posting on the new form will probably wont get ur request to go to the Spam box anymore. thank you for clarifying the references!
    11 Apr 2015 04:35
  • The-Joker: Hi miss, good to be talking to you again well i tried to post another post earlier but it seems not be shown here tomorrow i'll send the message by the 'suggestion'. And yes those are bayonetta (brunette) and jeane(white hair). But there are a few stuff i'd like to 'say' and 'show' with links that system wont let me post here. Catch you tomorrow.
    11 Apr 2015 04:06
  • Hentaipixxxfan: Lol i thought Lisa were tanned but she's wearing a lingerie well done lexus. You should do more girls wearing this kind of lingerie^^. The girls bodies are just perfect and fucking HOT 1000 stars for you^^
    10 Apr 2015 18:54
  • Lexus: <strong>i thought we agreed that i'd make 1 request per month for those people that used ur IP? i started with hentaipixxxfan last month. next is ero-shunsui, and then yours. i have them on que. We are really not allowed to make requests knowing that its for the same IP multiple times in a month, dont blame the artist, its the rules. I do have a question for your request.. is this bayonetta and jeanne(white hair)? im not familiar with the "game" http://i.ytimg.com/vi/eZRy6XfJ8mI/maxresdefault....
    jpg im having a hard time finding references for them and their outfit cause i dont know who's who..
    10 Apr 2015 14:59
  • Lexus: <strong>Well, if a lot of people would agree, then why not :) its a simple edit. or unless a member requested for it.
    10 Apr 2015 14:58
  • anonguy: *ROFL* You have no idea how fun, dumb and pathetic you are Kami. Thinking everyone on all sites are 1 account only omg lol *rofl*...Only retarded guys and artists will listen to your nonsence *rofl* *rofl* *rofl*
    10 Apr 2015 04:56
  • Sasuke -fms-: Try putting isshit, shunsui or whorahara in your request Requests with these characters are favored by the artist, who knows this way you won't need to wait that much
    10 Apr 2015 01:15
  • The-Joker: More than im waiting buddy? 3 months? my last request here was on January we are on April lol, you must be new here on bleach and probably DONT KNOW how the things works here. Bleachpixxx is the slowest from all pixxxsites, you come here to submit a request but you will only see it like 2-3-4 more months later, IF it IS made. Not to mention sometimes you NEED warn the artists you are submiting one request or it dont even go to the 'guest wall'. Sometimes the requests are just lost in time, so...
    me wasnt and will never be made. If were just me and a couple people asking for their request i would ''SIT BACK AND WAIT'' and shut up my fucking mouth. But im not the only one here, look at the comments man, 8/10 pictures has AT LEAST 1 member complaining about their requests. Wait a month, 2-3 weeks fine but do you think is fair wait 4 months? We know drawing take time to be done and we all have own our stuff to do in real but, dont you think 3-4 more months isnt a bit TOO MUCH time for 1 request that was requested like 4-5 months earlier? Do you like to pay for something and receive 3-4 months later? Would you like to work the whole month and when you go to receive your paycheck your boss look at you and say ''SIT BACK AND WAIT'' or ''Your payment will only be paid within 3 months''? I dont think so. If you are 'getting sick'' of seeing messages like this stop looking on comments then lol. Unless they bring artists that actually WANTS to work and FAST or make something to FIX this issue ONCE FOR ALL. U'll keep seeing messages like this and ALOT.
    10 Apr 2015 00:10
  • Celto: Any chance of a clean version without the manga template on top? I think it'd be nice from now on if, when you do an image with subtitles, or a camera lens you post both the original and a clean version without subtitles etc.
    9 Apr 2015 15:03
  • Nick is gay: Shut up Nick
    9 Apr 2015 14:02
  • Don: i really like the idea and would love to see some non request pics of you with your own creativity and passion lexus ^^ cant wait for more btw thx for adding my request to the wall ;)
    9 Apr 2015 13:59
  • Kami: Its Lexus1Fan (you can tell by his profile pic). He complains all the time even though he's using many names to get at least a dozen requests done per month (across all sites). Most of these complaints are by him and his various nicknames. Just try and ignore it; once the sites are renovated with the new suggestion box, he won't be able to do this crap anymore (its going to fill the name in automatically in suggestions).
    9 Apr 2015 12:50
  • Westes: I kinda agree. I think all artists should draw pics of their own once, or twice a month. My hopes of seeing more less used characters get a huge boost if they do.
    9 Apr 2015 10:08
  • Erebos: Great idea аnd wonderful realisation, Lexus-san!
    9 Apr 2015 09:47
  • ciphwe: You know-- I really hope they stop taking requests and draw what they want. I'm getting sick and tried of seeing messages like this. Drawing takes quiet some tie-- not to mention the sites been screwed up lately AND probably 15 other people are in your situation. So just please, SIT BACK AND WAIT.
    9 Apr 2015 08:36
  • Seriyx: Man this is brilliant!
    9 Apr 2015 08:01
  • Shussy: That's actually really cool! Love the idea! Do you think we'll ever see a male flavor of the month too? That'd be hot! :D
    9 Apr 2015 06:34
  • HagWold: This seems like a great idea to see more less popular girls. Lexus takes my request since late October, you can take a look.
    9 Apr 2015 05:31
  • The-Joker: Still waiting on my request...Is just amazing how the requests take so long to be made here on bleach compared to the other sites. Fastest is FairyTail.
    9 Apr 2015 05:11