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Valentine's Special 2015

Tags: Kuchiki Rukia, Valentine's Day, Happy Valentines Day, Lingerie, Special, Theme, Orihime Inoue,

20 February 2015
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  • SennaFan: Ok, its understandable
    21 Feb 2015 06:34
  • Westes: Excellent work, Joe! I hope Npixxx will be able to squeeze in some late Valentine pics, too.
    21 Feb 2015 05:34
  • joe: Yeah. That needs to be updated too. Don't worry. We're working on it. That, and the artist profiles too. As with Rukia's face, I agree it could be better. And I aim to do that on the next images. Although at this time, that's the best I can do with the image considering I still have a few more images to work on.
    20 Feb 2015 19:55
  • joe: How do you mean "more thick and with greater detail"? I can only think that the only detail an ass can have would be the curves. Is that what you meant? Do you mean it should have been curvier than it is?
    20 Feb 2015 19:53
  • joe: Thanks. Can't promise you that as we're still working on other requests. But we'll squeeze that in once we're done with all other pending requests. It's only fair to work on earlier requests first.
    20 Feb 2015 19:51
  • joe: Thanks. It'll only get better. Little by little. :)
    20 Feb 2015 19:49
  • joe: Thanks. I make it a point to get small progress every time I work. As with the banners and such, and the blog entirely, we're still thinking of ideas on how to revamp it. That may take a while though as layouts are still being looked into.
    20 Feb 2015 19:48
  • Erebos: Very good artwork, Joe-san. Both girls looks very cute, although Rukia's face could be better a bit.
    20 Feb 2015 15:43
  • Jacketguy: Nice Joe, your faces are getting better everyday! Pretty cool that the logos for all the sites are changed, now the next step (imo) is to update the banners to both reflect updated art and, more importantly, the current artists on each site. It's been quite some time since any of the sites got updated like that, it's kinda overdue.
    20 Feb 2015 08:10
  • souleaterx: I don't see what's wrong with Inoue's ass, but I will agree that the rest of the picture looks very good. The amount that you've improved Joe is astounding.
    20 Feb 2015 05:31
  • SennaFan: Nicely work! Senna and Rukia Valentine's Day picture would be nice!
    20 Feb 2015 03:59
  • Kiddo: Inoue's ass looks terrible. Should have drawn her posture more thick with greater detail. But their faces and boobs seem fine. Rukia's face needs a bit of work, but it still look nice.
    20 Feb 2015 03:21
  • The World: >Updated logos "High quality art by ellery" xD Great pic tho, i just think Rukia's face could be better.
    20 Feb 2015 02:15