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Unohana's Glorious Buns

Tags: Unohana Retsu, Cowgirl Position, Spread,

19 August 2015
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  • Celto: The logo seems a little too big.
    21 Aug 2015 06:45
  • Lexus: <strong> oh, well im glad you pointed it out to me, since i wasn;t comfortable with the face either, i just cant figure out why..:) ah,and ill put the lipstick still and the nail paints, just wasnt sure if u still want the lipstick if u see the pic if i fixed the face :) but no worries, i shall edit soon
    21 Aug 2015 00:52
  • _Yure_: Well about the membership i'm using more to download and submit request here for this site bleachpixxx because the other completely ignored specially narutopixxx that ignored all my 3 requests. I'm just not requesting anything on that site anymore.
    20 Aug 2015 23:59
  • _Yure_: Thanks her face is much better now though you forgot to make her fingernails and lipstick. I asked to make she look more sexier and female because i don't know if is the angle or position that made she look like a guy. As for the colors i don't know maybe dark blue or purple for nails and red/pink/purple for lipstick, i really don't understand about female stuff and accessories. Just make the ones you find prettier...
    20 Aug 2015 23:55
  • cmonman: cant view
    20 Aug 2015 06:03
  • Lexus: <strong>ahaha !!!! ok ok, those revisions are fine... any color suggestion for the nails? will do this on weekends when i find the time ok? Oh, But i informed you that your request was received...too bad then, Yes your other request was received last July 8... just take note that im working on april, and then May and then June, im not skipping unless the requester already had one on that month done. You do not have to renew membership right away, i saw the May batch and its...around 30 is =_=...
    requests...then there's June...AND july..so keep those in mind, it WILL take a while.. we do thank you for the support by buying premium membership :)</strong>
    20 Aug 2015 05:24
  • _Yure_: Thank you for the great picture can you just please paint her fingernails type french and put a lipstick notable her appearance look like a guy :P I thought you hadn't received my request and i've submited a new one with Cirucci and Ishida last month do you have it? Now i'll have to pay more months while wait for the other :(
    19 Aug 2015 21:37