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Unagiya's Fertile Days

Tags: Ikumi Unagiya, Valentine's Day, Happy Valentines Day, Solo, Condom, Seduce, Seduction, Lust,

24 February 2015
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  • joe: Thank you. I'll try my best to keep the same level of quality or improve it, of course.
    25 Feb 2015 12:12
  • joe: Thanks. The line weight is actually pretty much the same. The grain and the color of the lines though are different. I chose pure black lines this time. I'm trying to copy some of Kubo's line work and wanted to go for a traditional line art look. It still needs more work though. I've made some small tweaks in my art style but the difference is subtle at best, IMO.
    25 Feb 2015 12:11
  • Jacketguy: Wow this is great Joe, your best one yet! :D Did you do something different, I can tell the lines are a bit thicker but was there something else you did? I can't help but think there's something I'm missing. Well whatever it is it turned out really nice!
    24 Feb 2015 18:07
  • Don: this is really your best pic! the idea with the condom is really nice her boobs look perfect and her face is very good too (normaly the mouth ruins all in your pics but here is good) i hope you can keep up this lvl in your next pics :)
    24 Feb 2015 11:20