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Trick or Treat for the Witch

Tags: Bleachporn, Bleachslut, Cum, Halloween, Fuck, Ichigo Kurosaki, Shihouin Yoruichi, Crossovers,

28 October 2014
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  • merdoc: So you draw here without motivation and working with this site is not very interesting and pleasant for you I right? Well then why you do not talk with HKey about it and ask them to replace you ? If you could have a choice then where you want to drawing or maybe you do not interesting to drawing anymore?
    28 Oct 2014 19:58
  • Lexus: <strong>im actually having a hard time understanding you, but to be clear, he told me before that i can choose whatever "cosplay" i want, this one was ===>"soul-eater"<==== hence a crossover. The BG was halloween themed =_=; or pretty much the atmosphere, since Soul eater fits that theme so much. He DIDN'T change the character he simply WANT the characters HE requested.. and I ALLOW revisions for MEMBERS whenever i make huge MISTAKES! i often mix up characters here, and i dont mind that at al...
    l. and what are you talking about? We follow the requester's instructions and as Joe stated on his last post, We will not incorporate anymore halloween themes on requests that didnt asked for one. Im not doing that anymore since that suzumebachi/tobiume pic. Lovechanp gave me freedom to give his pic ANY crossover/cosplay i see fit. I did not want a yoruichi/ichigo pic for my own joy, i was clear that i made a mistake on that part, what the hell is wrong with you?? your accusations make no sense..and honestly! you are a very frustrating person to deal with, so stop it. I'm not talking to you anymore, you are disrespectful and I'm getting tired of this. How bout you try and draw everyday, without motivation. Try to skim on these requests and TRY and balance out the PICs that doesnt have the same characters or requester so we'd have VARIETY. TRY to keep up the daily post even with your personal life getting in the way, cause THIS IS NOT the only thing we do all day. we have other responsibilities. At times we get confused and make mistakes, we are NOT PERFECT. I can take ur criticism for my pictures actually, i dont mind at all that you dont like my picture, there are plenty of rooms for improvements here.
    28 Oct 2014 13:30
  • merdoc: Her face make me sick She looks too manly just change color of hair and cut breasts and it will be pic for Neji. Ok you did mistake than you need fix it and simply replace Ichigo on Urahara and all but this guy now changed his request and want new pic for a crossover With the anime Black Lagoon for Yoruichi dressed as Revy and Urahara dressed as Benny so technically it is a two Halloween pics for one member, didn't it ? Also his first request was a simple random not crossover idea and you deci...
    ded change it into Halloween themed pic, and now very interesting know what you gonna do with all Halloween requests where people exactly asking costumes and crossovers Do you going turn those ideas into a simple random not crossover ideas or let them wait to the next Halloween ? And yet if you wanted so much to do a some Halloween crossover pic for Ichigo and Yoruichi then you should have been do it as own idea but not take some random request and changing characters for own joy
    28 Oct 2014 12:41
  • Lexus: <strong>hello there! ^^ .. This is technically not his request anymore since i made a big mistake. i guess i should change the description so no one else gets bothered by it..
    28 Oct 2014 11:54
  • merdoc: Bravo lexus ! somebody going to get a two Halloween pic for this year while somebody won't get any one because somebody must see minimum the one pic on week for his favorite middle-aged males characters
    28 Oct 2014 11:17
  • Lexus: <strong>ok you got it! ^^ sorry again for mixing up characters! XD we will have this crossover/Halloween theme till end of November! i'll be able to finish this within a month! thank you for your response! ;)
    28 Oct 2014 08:02
  • LovChanp: Well I would like a crossover With the anime Black Lagoon *u* Yoruichi dressed as Revy and Urahara dressed as Benny :D
    28 Oct 2014 07:42
  • Lexus: <strong>OMG! why was i thinking ichigo!!? WTh... D8 sorry that was my mistake! i can make one again, is it okay? ill change the crossover if u want :) let me know as soon as u can! i can also change ichigo here.. its up to you what u want :)
    28 Oct 2014 07:17
  • LovChanp: Hi Lexus, you have not read my request properly? I request Urahara x Yoruichi. NO Ichigo -_-!!
    28 Oct 2014 07:06