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The Sickly Taichou Version 2

Tags: Unohana Retsu, Threesome, Footjob, Isane Kotetsu, Unohana Yachiru, Jūshirō Ukitake,

27 June 2015
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  • joe: Ooops. Looks like I got things the other way around. Sorry. Thanks for clarifying that up though. I only just saw the episode where it was explained how Yachiru and Kenpachi got their names. There's a strong history between the two Kenpachi's, looks like.
    1 Jul 2015 04:23
  • hemisphere: another pic that doesnt feel right. Isane is 186 cm and weighs 70kg while unohana is only 159cm and weighs 45kg. Size wise Isane should be much bigger than unohana while in this pic it feels like unohana is slightly bigger than isane.
    30 Jun 2015 12:13
  • hemisphere: once again another pic that doesnt feel right. isane is 186cm and weighs 70kg while retsu is only 159 and weighs 45 kg, size wise isane is be much larger than retsu while in this pic it seems like unohana is slightly larger than isane.
    28 Jun 2015 20:14
  • BigOtaku2118: Just to let you know Joe, Yachiru is her 'persona' when her hair is down, and Retsu is her gentler, kinder persona she uses normally.
    27 Jun 2015 14:58
  • Soki: Yachiru is the Battousai-esque one from when she was the Kenpachi. Retsu is the name she took after turning to the ways of pacifism after her encounter with the young Zaraki. We didn't know her given name was Yachiru until the latest arc. We were under the impression it was Retsu, but it seems that's just her adoptive name.
    27 Jun 2015 03:38