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Tags: Cum, Cumshot, Orgy, Bleach Orgy, Kurosaki Yuzu, Kurosaki Karin,

15 April 2015
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  • joe: Technically, it's still post time skip Karin "with her hair down". It's the only difference with her character I think. Hair length really didn't change much so it's I would say Karin's version is the pony tailed one and the not pony tailed one as opposed to pre and post time skip. Hehe.
    16 Apr 2015 02:51
  • joe: Really? Dunno what to say about that. Haha! I tried shooting for a look closest to the anime without them looking under-aged. Guess I'll draw them with more mature looking bodies than this the next time.
    16 Apr 2015 02:44
  • Natanek: It's ok for people to request Yuzu and Karin. But usually, they appear somehow older than they actually is. Here, they look still like lolis - it's a freaking pedo material.
    15 Apr 2015 11:01
  • Celto: Seems kinda weird seeing time-skip Yuzu with pre-time-skip Karin. Makes Yuzu look the older sibling when she's the youngest. Also, I know that's probably the look you and the requester was going for, but the shadows make the image way to dark. Also the site logo is darkened as well.
    15 Apr 2015 03:55
  • akasukidon: Hello looks great not is if you can switch to karin wing version more current it this Chuck winged yuzu not over so you can see the two apology my old account had to another because I lost the password
    15 Apr 2015 03:30
  • artturo: hello, looks great but it would be better if karin also be with his new, apariecia winged, yuzu two-faced tired
    15 Apr 2015 03:19