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The junior league pt. 2

Tags: Lilynette Gingerbuck, Kusajishi Yachiru, Girl-to-girl,

7 May 2014
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  • Makyal: I understand not drawing little minor girls, but is it possible to draw them as young teenagers? Example, in a lot of anime (bleached included) characters are older than they look.
    9 Feb 2017 05:26
  • joe: Thanks.
    8 May 2014 08:24
  • joe: Thanks for the feedback. Not really going for the soft shaded look. I NEVER use the smudge tool or plan to. If I need to soften any edges, there are better ways to do it: i.e. airbrush, blur, paint. There are just better ways to do it. I don't like the smudged look. I'll maybe try the soft shaded look at some point. As for the levels of shading, I meant it to be like that for a minimalistic look. I thought it would look heavy and over-rendered if I added more than two levels of shading. More lev...
    els of shading normally looks good if there was an actual background like an actual scene as there would be ambient light, etc. Not in this one though.
    8 May 2014 08:23
  • Kiddo: You need more levels of shading. And you also need to start using the smudge tool for smearing some parts of the shading. Also it would be cool to refine the edges on some parts of the body. The shading just looks too vectorized with a bit of unfinished touch-ups (Look at Yachiru's breast on the right side and you'll understand my point). The highlights are okay.
    7 May 2014 18:01
  • Ichimaru the fox: Awesome lilynette is super bangable
    7 May 2014 06:48
  • BigOtaku2118: Yachiru is cute as always, and Lilynette looks so happy scissoring with Yachiru. This definitely gets my two-thumbs up Joe!
    7 May 2014 03:56