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15 December 2015
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  • Celto: Why is everyone going to Fan Pixxx for? Despite Lexus saying he's going to be posting there for this week, he's yet to start. Not only that, but Yaichi, ferds and the new artist Frenevel are all posting on Fan Pixxx. Lexus would make the 4th artists to provide updates for that site. Severely overstaffed if you ask me.
    16 Dec 2015 23:58
  • joe: I'll be here for the entire week. Then next week 'til the end of the year, I'll be in fanpixxx. We won't be staying in one site for too long (unless it's our "original" sites) at a time to avoid artists crowding. In any case, we'll post where we'll be before we leave.
    16 Dec 2015 13:23
  • joe: Dude, I do not understand why you think there's a "conspiracy" going on here when there isn't. Seriously, chug some chill pills. LOL! Whatever. Just stay tuned. We're making some effort to keep things interesting in ALL the sites (and yes, that could POSSIBLY include Whentai if artists are needed there - commission or not) and it's ABSOLUTELY puzzling why there are some people who seem to find something negative in that. We're adding VARIETY so things don't get too stale. So what if artists need...
    to make some extra dough when they have extra time (be it in HKey or god knows where)? Is that really so bad?! We gotta eat too y'know. We're getting paid enough here, but who wants "enough" when there's potential to make more without letting go of any other work?!
    16 Dec 2015 13:20
  • AlexIS: So Lexus on Fanpixxx is just another kind of teasing or rumors from HK to keep the interes of HK members to not cancel their memberships, right ? Interesting where is lexus right now ? Probably he's very busy to creating another art to whentai Hopefully at least Joe do not lying about your plans to make pics for fanpixxx
    16 Dec 2015 04:59
  • Celto: So what site do you plan to go to? Or are you staying at Bleach Pixxx for a while?
    16 Dec 2015 00:56