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Tags: Hentaibleach, Hentai, Bleach Hentai, Hardcore, Hardcore Hentai, Cowgirl, Cowgirl Position, Kurosaki Ichigo, Kurosaki Karin, Incest,

11 November 2014
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  • joe: Hello. We're glad to say that there are no plans of closing down the Narutopixxx (or any other HK site) site for the foreseeable future. We would appreciate it if everyone stops spreading any unproven rumors as this causes confusion. We will surely inform members ahead of time if there any changes to be made. Again, if it is not officially announced, then it will not happen. Thanks guys! :)
    19 Nov 2014 07:53
  • EVA-013: After the last chapters and coming new "The Last" Naruto movie almost all Naruto fans just turned into crazy fandom,now they are complains trolling bullying fangirling arguing and moaning everywhere, It's nothing wonder that artists and HK trying to leave behind all this crap and does not interesting to spending time with comments like this. But seems they are stopped take a new requests from members too and this is not good for an Narutopixxx members. I heard that HK may close NPixxx after the...
    end of manga I know it's sound ridiculous and illogical but really something strange going on with NPixxx lately, so maybe it may be a true... Anyway if HKey truly willing to close NarutoPixxx soon, then my congratulations, HKey never was so close to get "Darwin Awards" as now !!!
    15 Nov 2014 16:37
  • Natsu7: Thanks Joe it looks great
    12 Nov 2014 18:20
  • soulless: Ok I know it's wrong place and I sorry for that but @HKey you should teach Darwin from Narutopixxx how moderate a comments and requests finally It's really very annoying wait week and more to see yours comment or requests appearing there only when the moderator or rex will be so kind to check this site finally Or better do something with crap that every comment and request must awaiting to be read by moderator before be publishing here if moderators do not care this site And if nobody from HK...
    do not care about comments thread than why just do not close it ? Why I wrote it here ? Because here everything work normal while on Narutopixxx everything seems dead almost week
    12 Nov 2014 10:59