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Tags: Bleachbabe, Halibel, Boobjob, Ichigo Kurosaki, Pov, Tier Harribel, Titfuck,

11 March 2015
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  • ciphwe: Your.... wow, your an asshole sorry to say.
    14 Mar 2015 13:40
  • Lexus: <strong> wasnt able to see any new request from u after the gangbang one which was already done. please repost it if possible on the guest wall so i can add in on my worklist this month! thanks!
    14 Mar 2015 05:27
  • Kami: LOL you think you can get one request per month? He said "no more than" one request a month. There are a lot more than 30-50 members making requests each month. You have to be an extremely ignorant and entitled brat to think that's how this works. You also seem to forget that you're membership is not just for the pixxx sites, but the entire HenraiKey network, consisting of hundreds of sites.
    14 Mar 2015 03:20
  • Lexus: <strong>OK will check for that one and bring it on que, thank you for letting us know!
    14 Mar 2015 01:18
  • Lexus1Fan: @Lexus: Just reposted again it was request by somebody else but i like the request that's why im requesting and i dont remember any Halloween request. The other you must be thinking is from Ero-Shunsui we are friends in real i was the one who brought him to HK, he uses my Cyber PCs, BUT he do have his own account. And he said he's not getting another membership untill he have his request done. We are no dumb anymore to keep supporting the site AND your work for nothing. We pay for a month...
    the requests should be done within that month and not 2-3-4+ months later. I dont care if you check IP or follow others comments and even take requests from non-members by comment like i heard, i just want my request I PAID fullfiled. Like you said, its 1 request per member per month i think is fair enough for everyone, my last one was January right? 11 more to go if i dont cancel my membership miss. Sorry if im being rude thats not what i mean, but i had enough of being ignored and trolled by artists and trolls here on HK, from now on will be like that. I pay i want, if i dont get what i've paid quit or cancel the membership. I'm tired of being kind to people who do not deserve.
    13 Mar 2015 17:07
  • Hentaipixxxfan: I got a request here more than 3 months and it wasn't yet done, i post on the new year...
    13 Mar 2015 16:02
  • Don: ok thank you, in that case pls do the bambieta one first can't wait for it^^
    13 Mar 2015 03:00
  • Lexus: <strong>i think i saved the one with the Link on my notes so dont worry bout that.Let me know what u want first..
    12 Mar 2015 23:52
  • Lexus: <strong>What was that request and when was this posted? if u can repost it let us know right away! theres a probability that its in Spam again. I have ur other request still on que, and will be done this month though. It was the Halloween one.
    12 Mar 2015 23:51
  • Lexus1Fan: @Lexus: why my request doesnt show on the wall lexus? If you gonna follow trolls comments, join Rex's team and start ignore my requests too i'll cancel my 12 months membership here by the CCbill support. I'm paying and not requesting by the comment like non-members do, if i dont get what i've paid then i want my money back. I'll not act like a dumb anymore.
    12 Mar 2015 16:24
  • Don: if you mean the halloween request than maybe you should really make it first because i think otherwise the link with the position could be removed after to long time but never the less thank you very much ;)
    12 Mar 2015 13:53
  • Lexus: <strong>oh, what i had on que for u was the halibel one.. but if u want the bambi request first then sure.. will do that first!
    12 Mar 2015 06:53
  • GoP: GOD, this is sexy!
    11 Mar 2015 20:50
  • Shussy: Love it!I love the detail on Ichigos dick &lt;3
    11 Mar 2015 19:00
  • Celto: Would it be possible for a version without the speech bubbles?
    11 Mar 2015 18:47
  • Don: finally something awesome! thx for that nice pic, good to see you upload more frequently again and can you pls do my bambieta request? we didn't saw her for a quiet long time and my last reqeust from you was at the begining of january i think ;)
    11 Mar 2015 17:20
  • : god, yes!
    11 Mar 2015 16:21
  • Tenchi2k: Awesome! thanks ^.^
    11 Mar 2015 16:16