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Tags: Pussy Finger, Loly Aivirrne, Solo, Bleach Beach,

5 September 2014
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  • lis301: frankly you draw even better Ellery
    20 Sep 2014 04:52
  • Sj: More Arrancar girls.
    7 Sep 2014 12:18
  • Mystogan: nice picture however her pussy is way too large.
    5 Sep 2014 21:54
  • Erebasu: LOVE IT!!! Always had a bit of a crush on her. Hope to see more of her cause you drew her perfectly
    5 Sep 2014 19:40
  • xg: The boobs are waaaaay too big for this character, but otherwise a very nice job as usual.
    5 Sep 2014 16:06
  • GoP: Nice one, not a fan of this character tho, but it's very well done. Hope to see the next Rukia pic by you.=)
    5 Sep 2014 10:50
  • WakeUpKiva: Brilliant! Miss Loly so much! Her tits size are perfect! You can leave her size like this in the future
    5 Sep 2014 04:16
  • Don: wonderfull! man i cant wait for the halloween themed pics next month ^^
    5 Sep 2014 03:47
  • Kiddo: Congrats on your first attempt of Loly Aivirrne.
    5 Sep 2014 03:05
  • Kiddo: HentaiKey may be too shy to tell you this, but they hit the Jackpot when they chose you as a new artist Lexus. You've seriously out-performed to most expectations. I know that Ellery is on some weird hiatus... but there are times when your art completely eases the pain of Ellery's disappearance. Great pic, and keep up the great work.
    5 Sep 2014 03:03
  • shinigami: Nice. Its about time that we had some more Loly Aivirrne. Please do more.
    5 Sep 2014 02:37