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29 May 2014
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  • Raping Rando: I think you're artwork is amazing. But if you wanna make it look more anime thats even better!
    31 May 2014 02:37
  • Lexus: <strong> that's okay! we work hard to improve! and we'll definitely do something about our "art style" to make it close to Bleach's while giving it our own personal "style" so you guys could have some variety as well..
    31 May 2014 01:21
  • Dildo Daggins: I guess you didn't notice how actually Lexus is closest to Kubo's style than the anime itself. Joe needs time to get better, but he already had. And they communicate with us. When was the last time Rex or Darwin said something? And, no offence, Darwin's style got really monotone, while Rex's colouring is everything but close to Naruto's one. So, yes, that's all, I think Bleachpixxx became the best pixxxsite during these months. Cheers ;D
    30 May 2014 21:59
  • Kiddo: Which of Lexus's works do you have complaints about? And dude, if you think about it, Lexus's line work, when compared to Ellery's line work is closer to the anime style. Ellery style surpasses Lexus when it comes to the coloring because there is this BLEACH-anime aftermath feeling you get when compared to Lexus's anime feeling that doesn't seem to be the Bleach way but still hold true to how anime should be colored. I hope I make sense. Now when talking about Joe, then yes, his art style is...
    far away from what he presented to us in his candidate submission period. The way he drew the heads and body anatomy were on cue. Which was why HentaiKey presumably had hope in Joe. But look at him now. In my opinion, if he kept those actual art-styles and just fairly improved on it, the complaints would be very minimal. It's like he's trying to be what he's not.
    30 May 2014 16:47
  • random: I do mean no offense, but I find things have really gone downhill a lot on this site. No offense Joe but I don't really like this art style, and some of Lexus'. They're good and all usually, but most of the time now the art style isnt even close to Bleach's, which is important since this is all based on it. Im not a fan of Narutopixxx but I find their art work to be much closer to their series than this site
    29 May 2014 19:32
  • Jonathan: Wierd face once again.
    29 May 2014 17:48
  • Kiddo: the eye colors are different when comparing the different RirukaS'.
    29 May 2014 17:18
  • Xeos: Could you and Lexus both turn this into a series? It's awesome.
    29 May 2014 17:06
  • : Oooh yeah! XD
    29 May 2014 12:32
  • Lexus: <strong>It's official, today is Riruka Day! XDD
    29 May 2014 12:24