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13 April 2015
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  • shinigami: While I understand the need to honour requests, why can't you create pics of your own design?
    17 Apr 2015 18:07
  • Lexus: <strong> the dutch? XD
    16 Apr 2015 10:18
  • Lexus: <strong> well its a good thing the old request thing was reset, except of course if the member still want their old request done, they are free to let us know and we can dig it up for them whenever possible. the reason you guys are waiting that LONG is because When me and Joe started working here, there are already a BUNCH of requests that Ellery left had left, and of course we decided to prioritize old once, but actually did not expect that new request would come in too soon and that fast, when...
    we are able to catch up, we are already 3 months or so delayed. Me and Joe just want to be fair with the others so we try our best to cater everyone's requests. 1-2 pic a month for one member WOULD be possible if we have less members making request in a month.
    16 Apr 2015 10:16
  • The-Joker: Oh this post was before the other where i mention about the racism just ignore it please. Just one last thing i forgot and didnt said on my last post to not to be TOO HUGE, in the end it was sorry about that hehe. Yes a membership here is not only for the pixxxsites but for the whole HK content, but im sure that many people including me joined because of bleachpixxx, animexxx, narutopixxx, fairytailpixxx or whatever. In my case i joined because of naruto. So in the end we kinda 'pay' for t...
    he requests, its not possible to buy a 'Key' for one site, only for the whole content. I dont see any problem waiting a month or so to get a request done, but to wait 3-4+ months well that would be a considerable time waiting lets agree on that right? Besides i dont see any trouble on artists accepting 1-2 requests of the same member per month, it happend on naruto a few times. If the artist feel hes in mood to take that request and it fits on artist's pattern why not? But you artists knows how to work and have your rules so... Lexus the thing i most like on you and Joe is that you guys try to do your best to fulfill all members requests, even if they are delayed by months and the person is no longer member anymore. This is the difference between you guys and the other artists, Robert and Ferds are also VERY professional about that. This is the thing i most admires on you guys. =)
    16 Apr 2015 03:16
  • Lexus: <strong>This would be the last time i'll address anyone about the issue. Like Joe has stated, we have taken it up to the admins and they will do something about it. Bear in mind that he is still a paying member, His requests will be done, but with a penalty of having to wait for a month or so with every pic that has the same IP, also goes to ANY paying member we see that has the same IP. And as a member, if ever you feel like your requests had been ignored you are FREE to let us know so we can d...
    o something about it as well. With the new suggestion form, it would be easier for us to sort it out, so i hope this issue would die down. and please, i would kindly ask both you and the-joker to stop bickering like little kids, and just enjoy the sites.
    16 Apr 2015 01:42
  • Lexus: <strong>no prob! im glad you like it!
    16 Apr 2015 01:27
  • Lexus: <strong> I am personally tired of the issue, and its really getting old. Like i said i am neutral to the matter, we are here to draw requests, and follow the guidelines the management had given to us. We are not the owner of hkey/boss/ here, every issues and concerns addressed to us goes directly to our boss. ME or Joe Replying to nick/hidan/etc. does NOT mean we are taking sides, nor do we have to FOLLOW what he says, whenever there's an issue we take it up to the admins and THEY tell us what...
    to do or they do something about it. Same goes for you, you just have to keep ignoring him or any other people you think is trolling you, but me and Joe don't have to do the same, because we are being NEUTRAL to the matter. We DO what the admins advised us to do. Anyway, this issue should die down eventually cause of the new submission form. I'll kindly ASK if possible, that u just ignore whoever they are, and will ask the other one as well. Requests will be done as long as they are within the guidelines and if its brought upon our attention that it has not been done for months or years. BTW,like i said, my gender doesn't really matter in this site. I called you out on it because you called me out on being racist. My very point was, why make something trivial be a an issue? I personally don't see my comment about fluency in english would hurt anyone, but I apologize since i did not know you're that vulnerable. everybody is different in handling "hurtful" comments, but you made a very exaggerated example, those are blatantly insulting that i dont even have to double think if the person is just being observant. This will be the last time i'd address the issues about cheaters and whatnot. any other issues concerning the site feel free to talk to the admins/artists.
    16 Apr 2015 01:23
  • The-Joker: Alright lets continue...first i must tell you this is the last time i answer this kind of comment, cause UNLIKE other TROLLS i DO HAVE a life and work to care than waste my day and time around hentaisites trolling and flamming against other people. Be them members or non-members... Lexus first i ask you apologies by calling you 'miss'. If you wants to keep your gender in privacy or not be specified i'll respect that, though some call you man, buddy and etc.. you never lashing out on them caus...
    e they called you man, guy, miss whatever just me now. But that doesnt matter, sorry about that i respect and i'll call you just the same as everyone Lexus or mate. About my or anybody else english, i agree with you nobody is perfect and here we have users/members from all parts of world, some speak bad english, some speak goood others average and so on...But noone is better than me and i am not better than anyone, yet words can hurt people feelings, how would you feel if i tell you 'Lexus you sucks as artists, Darwin is much better than you' or 'screw Lexus from bleachpixxx and put Ellery on him/her place'. Im pretty sure it would hurt your feelings not only as artist but as a person too. So is better to keep what we think about others to ourselves, we dont need to tell anyone if someone's english is more fluent than other, or if you have a couple of special members you like or dislike. Words hurts people if we dont know how to use or express. Thought i was rude with Rex and Darwin i already apologize for that, and hope to not to make the same mistake again. Now the main subject...you ask me 'Why dont you IGNORE this guy?' i was ignoring him but it seems you guys are not doing the same...yet it DOES NOT MEAN just because I AM IGNORING you will too and vice-versa. This guy is Hidan who been following me since my first or second request on narutopixxx couple years ago (if you guys check my first requests on sites over Edwardnewgate and Lexus1Fan you will beable to view his comments). He claims im using multiple names, accounts and personalities to 'steal other member requests' and 'defend myself' when he's doing EXACTLY the SAME THING im supposedly doing using 'stealing' other people name to troll on all pixxxsites against me and other new/old members, like those 2 Nick's comments we see above. After all hes a coward who dont even has the guts to use his REAL nickname, IP, email whatever to come here on 'clean face' and answer me, you and the other users. I never done anything against this guy and he insists on follow me, EVA-013 was one too, but he got bored of being ignored or who knows what he stoped. Now this guy Hidan keep on my back. And now he started the troll stuff with Aidan on the new sailormoonpixxx, the site and the artist BARELY is on and there is he TROLLING again... The only thing he does is to come here to troll and flame on other users/members, he only uses his real nickname to thank by his request once in while. You dont see me or other users trolling comments on his requests, but we DO SEE him and a couple more users trolling on mine and others requests. So the best thing to do to avoid this situation and extend the trouble is IGNORE this guy. He just wants to call attention here maybe cause in real life he lacks some. Rex and Darwin already started ignore this guy, you almost dont see his 'multiple names' comments on naruto, Robert from onepiece dont even give a damn to this guy hes COMPLETELY IGNORED there. As long as you and Joe keep giving attention to this guy he will never stop no matter what you say, we can clearly see that, remember that comic web saying 'DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS'. The more attention he gets the more he will troll, once he realize nobody care about it anymore he stop. Up to you guys, members non-members to 'support' troll and flame. And for last i dont need to explain myself to anyone but i'll do it now once and for all for you and everyone. I AM Edwardnewgate, who switch my nick to Lexus1Fan then NOW The-Joker, ALL artists DO KNOW ABOUT IT,EVEN WHY I USE THE SAME IP AND EMAIL ADRESS which is linked to my avatar i changed BECAUSE OF ISSUES AND I WANTED TO and NOT TO SPAM, CHEAT OR 'STEAL' others requests. I run a Cyber Cafe and unfortunally had an issue with my account being used by other people which NAMES WAS ALREADY LISTED by Lexus and Rex to spam requests on the sites. This issue was ALREADY SOLVED, Christian web administer from narutopixxx is aware about this happening we talked alot (Lexus and Joe are free to ask him), if it DOES HAPPEN i believe it wont, you guys are free to contact me. All artists (including Christian) except by Robert, Darwin, Rex and new ones has my personal contact email AND my skype, me and Ferds chat almost everyday. And will contact me in any issue. That is it, if will guys will believe or not i dont care and dont mind serious. I had enough of this situation and comments have EVERYONE a nice week.
    15 Apr 2015 18:36
  • Kami: Why are you using my name, Hercule//Nick? You're just as bad as The-Joker. You may not be making requests with different names, but you're a coward for using all these names and stealing mine to make comments. I only use this one name and I'm not afraid to call him out with it (as I often do). Go back to your own names.
    15 Apr 2015 14:36
  • Zelos: Agreed.
    15 Apr 2015 07:14
  • Lexus: <strong>If its not true, then the best thing to do is to ignore them. We were advised to do so as well if a comment bothers us too much.. this goes to members and non members. Aggravating an artist will only demotivate them. Drawing is not that easy, quality and sometimes speed will depend on our mood. It is always best to not entertain trolls specially if the argument becomes too childish. Im sure the management is already aware of these types of users in the site, but not all non members are...
    like that. We still appreciate every feedback, specially constructive criticisms to help us improve and they DO have some points that could help the site get better. Cause even if they troll/flame/hate on every pic or members, at the end of the day, that's all they can do and nothing more beyond that point. We're not taking sides here, members or non-members, We are here to draw and follow whatever instructions/guidelines/rules we were given when we started working here to as best as we can.
    15 Apr 2015 07:03
  • Don: but in my opninion it has become time that only members can comment on the pics because most of the time all that non members do is complaining about stuff they didnt payed for or flaming members and starting a troll war best exsample is this guy "kami" even after you mentioned that the stockings part was your idea he writes that i'm the only person here who would request something like that so he either did not read or just want to troll on this site...
    15 Apr 2015 05:52
  • Zelos: Actually Zelos is the only name I go by. Lexus knows that. Once again, Thank You Lexus for another great pic! :)
    15 Apr 2015 05:32
  • Lexus: <strong>I'm not being "racist" im just stating what i have observed, just like how you ALWAYS call me "miss" even if i prefer my gender to not be specific! I could be of the opposite sex, and it seems that you DON'T RESPECT that (given that i already mentioned that to you BEFORE).But that is how you want to "prefer" lexus and cause that's what u think or know "lexus" is , then I left it as it is, since its not REALLY a SERIOUS MATTER, while i get offended on some occasions, you dont see me lash...
    ing out on you about the matter, or calling you out on being "sexist" based on what you have "observed" Lexus DO. If you're going to get "offended" by my remark which is NOT EVEN directly about YOU, its about " Don" being more fluent (doesn't even make it a racist REMARK, and NEVER did I demean your grammar) then please get off the internet for a while ,calm down, and THINK before you REACT. If i say ORIHIME is PRETTIER than RUKIA, DOES THAT MEAN that i THINK RUKIA IS UGLY? Although no one is perfect and some of the best writers can sometimes make grammatical mistakes. Throwing out the "racism" word at me like that is ABSURD. LANGUAGE DOESN'T define your RACE! I can speak ENGLISH, but that doesnt mean im american! Don't make things complicated. I'm being NEUTRAL about the matter since I ONLY need to follow the INSTRUCTIONS that i have been given. If a USER/MEMBER has the same IP's then we avoid making their requests making it once a month or so. IS it OUR fault that you guys have the same IP? IF a request have heels/tanlines/stockings, it does NOT mean its YOUR request either (why are you reacting so much in this post, when it's zelos' requests and obviously the stockings were my idea). and BY me STATING that WE ARE AWARE of cheaters in this site, DOES NOT EQUAL ME SAYING THAT ALL THOSE USERS are YOU. You just made us more suspicious by reacting that way. IF its not YOU, then IGNORE it! YOU are STILL a PAYING MEMBER, and IT DOES NOT MEAN WE WONT DO THE REQUEST, WE JUST NEED TO FOLLOW GUIDELINES, in which i BELIEVE i already talked to you about. Another thing, and just to be clear, you are not only paying for THIS SITE, there are other stuff in Hentaikey that you can enjoy.
    15 Apr 2015 03:40
  • Hercule: Erebos? Complaining request?..maybe this is one more of Edwardnewgate and his multiple cheat names? Be aware guys...
    15 Apr 2015 03:12
  • Hercule: Stop complaining you cheater..Everyone can see you removed the pixxx from your name Hentaipixxxfan, Edwardnewgate, Lexus1fan and the others. Lexus do not be fooled by this cheater..Don't play a fool on his hands.
    15 Apr 2015 03:09
  • The-Joker: Now i won 3 more new names in your list Hidan? TakaSasuke20, newuser9965 now Zelos? cool. You know you are entertaining us man keep up, is kinda funny too read your comments about me and even more funny when the artists reply them contradicting your nonsenses. Like i said on the other post lexus its no use this guy is hopeless, not matter when, how and where he see stockings, heels, tans and stuff he'll be there saying 'it was requested by Edwardnewgate'. Even if it was your idea (i just hope...
    this does not affect your work and style). Its a cliche now. If i were you i would just ignore this guy comments like this, b4 you start thinking 90% of the requests comes from 'me' and my 'mutiple names and personality' LOL. xD.
    15 Apr 2015 03:01
  • The-Joker: So ''plus i noticed he is more fluent in english'' do i feel a bit of 'racism' here? Now even the way i write is taking into consideration? Alright i think thats enough and the things are starting to get ugly. I respect you lexus but there is a limit for everything AND IF is to start a REAL fight here i'll love to. I said that to Christian (you know who is he) and i'll tell you too. Im a customer paid member here on HentaiKey which spent almost 4 years paying month after month for my membe...
    rship. And unlike this guy i DO HAVE PROOF. Not only proof with logs, time and users, people who used my cyber's PC's in my cyber to log in my account and submit requests pretending be me, as proof that i spent almost 4 years paying (month after month) even by not having my requests done (what i've paid for). So if is to get REAL serious i'll take the appropriate measure and look for my rights in real. Like i said IS UP TO YOU if you will follow the trolls and listen them and their nonsenses or forget about it and let it go. I believe we already talked and solved this issue. I expect your reply about that. Have a great night miss.
    15 Apr 2015 00:49
  • Kami: @Don..Shut up Don, Edwardnewgate, Ero-shunsui, King-Mathew, Purehito-Master, Unohana-Lover, Bigbang, Pyonwang, Minervarules, Lexus1fan, Ferdsfan, Hentaipixxxfan, Hentai-Boy, The-Joker, newuserandsomenumber, Zelos and many more...Only you ask for high heels, tanlines and stockings. I know it's you, Rex knows, everyone knows. Lexus is just favoring you and your cheat names because you are him biggest fan. CHEATER!!.
    14 Apr 2015 22:06
  • The-Joker: So i won 3 more new names in your list Hidan? TakaSasuke20, newuser9965 now Zelos? cool. You know you are entertaining us man keep up, is kinda funny too read your comments about me and even more funny when the artists reply them contradicting your nonsenses. Like i said on the other post lexus its no use this guy is hopeless, not matter when, how and where he see stockings, heels, tans and stuff he'll be there saying 'it was requested by Edwardnewgate'. Even if it was your idea (i just hope...
    this does not affect your work and style). Its a cliche now. If i were you i would just ignore this guy comments like this, b4 you start thinking 90% of the requests comes from 'me' and my 'mutiple names and personality' lexus LOL. xD
    14 Apr 2015 21:49
  • Don: thx for paising my english skills^^ and @ hercule do you really think there is only one member on Hkey who likes stockings, high heels or tanlines?
    14 Apr 2015 21:32
  • Lexus: <strong> erm.. the stockings was my idea..:( since i felt the pic was super plain. As of those names, A lot of artist here are aware of those usernames as of now, and that there ARE cheaters in pixxxsites and it can't be helped. All those names, EXCEPT "Don" (his EMAIL and IP addresses are always the same, plus i noticed he is more fluent in english) once had the same IP addresses, but recently changes every time they post comments. still thanks for the heads-up!
    14 Apr 2015 19:57
  • Zelos: Thanks Lexus! Love this!
    14 Apr 2015 18:06
  • Hercule: Hmmm stockings? Let me guess...Edwardnewgate? Ero-shunsui? King-Mathew? Purehito-Master? Unohana-Lover? Bigbang? Pyonwang? Minervarules? Lexus1fan? Ferdsfan? Hentaipixxxfan? Hentai-Boy? The-Joker? Don? newuser9965?. WAKE UP lexus we all know that there is only one person behind all that names...Edwardnewgate. You must stop this cheater lexus.
    14 Apr 2015 17:41
  • Don: every harribel pic is a good pic ;) only the dutch angle is a little bit weird
    14 Apr 2015 13:32
  • Lexus: <strong>Jackie is beautiful :) sadly there's little to none of her on requests :(
    14 Apr 2015 01:51
  • Hentaifan: I thought my request was lost because the new system. Hope to see my request soon, thank you Lexus.
    13 Apr 2015 21:42
  • GoP: Please tell me that you'll draw more Jackie.:3
    13 Apr 2015 19:59
  • Lexus: <strong>unohana and renji right? its on my to do list, no worries..as for the new system, its to organize the requests, so it can be sorted out easily.
    13 Apr 2015 19:56
  • GoP: I came.
    13 Apr 2015 19:39
  • Hentaifan: What happen with my request Lexus? And why you have a new suggestion system?
    13 Apr 2015 19:25
  • Lexus: <strong> okay! thanks for letting us know, ill inform them about the issue!
    13 Apr 2015 18:02
  • Erebos: Thank you for the reply, Lexus-san. I have latest version of the browser. It's possible that there is a problem with update itself but I'm not completely sure about it.
    13 Apr 2015 17:45
  • Lexus: <strong>Thanks!! it's there, im not sure about the Firefox issue, im using chrome. maybe the browser needs to be updated.
    13 Apr 2015 17:10
  • Erebos: Excellent artwork, Lexus-san! Just in case...I posted a request using new form. –°ould you check if it was sent well or went to spam, please? P.S. For some reason new form didn't appear in my Firefox browser.
    13 Apr 2015 17:04