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Pleasing my 'Sun'

Tags: Licking, Kurosaki Isshin, Kurosaki Masaki, Pussy Licker, Pussy Licking,

1 June 2015
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  • joe: Thanks. I'll check it out.
    2 Jun 2015 17:18
  • : chapter 536 is the chapter i believe
    2 Jun 2015 15:19
  • Natanek: As a requester, I'm satisfied with her breasts size here. PArially because she's younger, but mainly because I think that it takes more than size for breasts to be lovely to watch.
    2 Jun 2015 14:59
  • joe: Glad you liked it. Though I don't know where all this 'no incest' stuff is coming from. Pedophilia is a no-no, that was clearly established way back but this incest thing is new to me. We haven't gotten any notice like that here in Bleachpixxx. Hence, I'll continue making them if requested.
    2 Jun 2015 14:35
  • joe: That's true. This panel you were referring to, you happen to remember what chapter it was by any chance? I don't have time to go through all chapters and I just mainly Googled Masaki in manga version. Based the stuff from there. Thanks for the input, BTW.
    2 Jun 2015 14:31
  • : There was actually a single panel where masaki's bare breasts were exposed. Kubo didn't fully draw in the nipples but there was nothing covering them which is unusual for a shonen. But in that panel fsr her breasts were massive. Way bigger than when she had clothes on. This is young masaki btw. The breast size issue isn't really a huge deal IMO unless there's a huge difference from the canon. It's more of a personal preference anyway. Some want them even bigger than how the are in the series. So...
    me smaller. Some the same .
    1 Jun 2015 22:22
  • Natanek: Thank you for doing my request. I don't get the low rating on this, it's at least 4 stars in my book. What, no incest or pedophilia? Is that the reason?
    1 Jun 2015 18:36