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Payment for your Crimes

Tags: Halibel, Hardfuck, Shunsui Kyōraku', Tier Harribel,

26 July 2014
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  • Lexus: <strong>OMG!! thanks for pointing that out, i was wondering what was missing!! DX! thank u! shall be editing right away!
    26 Jul 2014 08:52
  • Zelos: Halibel is great! Only thing missing on her is her blue facial markings. Other than that, it's awesome!
    26 Jul 2014 08:44
  • Xinz: Always nice to see new pics of Halibel
    26 Jul 2014 06:01
  • Tenchi2k: Hmm, this is defintly a 5 star pic! only problem i see is i love her eyes, wish they had been open even a little.. but that doesnt change the pic being 5 star quality ^.^ Halibel is so hot.
    26 Jul 2014 05:52
  • HunterX: Kyoraku lucky bastard. Halibel is so sexy *o*
    26 Jul 2014 04:05