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On the floor with Yuzu

Tags: Pov, Kurosaki Yuzu,

25 May 2014
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  • joe: Will look into that. Thanks.
    27 May 2014 05:33
  • joe: Thanks. Don't worry, I'm always striving to make improvements. XD I take note of all feedbacks and work on them.
    27 May 2014 05:32
  • the69: It's really nice and exciting PD: You'd better repare the tags :/
    26 May 2014 19:42
  • Kiddo: I feel like if the head was more in the center in conjunction with the neck, it most likely could have looked a bit more aligned. Maybe work on the upper-neck head connection. Using the shadows and shading to make it look more composed. The boobs don't appear symmetrical. I know that in real life, nipples don't necessarily don't have to be the same size, but in hentai identical nipples are most preferred. Keep up the good work...
    26 May 2014 18:45