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October Crossover: Kiyone Kotetsu

Tags: Bleachporn, Bleachslut, Kiyone Kotetsu, Solo, Crossovers, Anal Beads,

17 October 2014
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  • Be@st: Actually I don't get why sometimes needs wait a week for a new update on the site where are working two artists ? And why on NP and BP artists start to normal working only one week on month but even then they are update a lot solo-softcore pic for characters that nobody didn't asked and ignore requests from members ?
    22 Oct 2014 03:38
  • merdoc: Manga Bleach will completed next year, but there is not a anime video-game and fanbase are not so big, and now Bleachpixxx not as popular as it was a few years ago. Okay, maybe the last time this project got some popularity among the members, but it’s just because of Halloween and the return of one cheater who spam with his middle-aged males requests for all pixxxs (seriously dude stop shit; people here are not as stupid as you think) Honestly, I do not understand why the two are so cool artist...
    sts working with the doomed site with no prospects and future, is one artist will be enough to do the job with all current requests. FTpixxx Animepixxx and looks much more interesting and promising development, but with the current artists these site is not as popular as it should be. I bet that two skilled artists as Joe and Lexus Animepixxx can easily turn into one of the most popular pixxx ever, and maybe even make this site really a serious contender for Npixxx. But HKey have own vision of this situation and do not care a lot about a future perspectiveses
    18 Oct 2014 03:01