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Tags: Bleachbabe, Kuchiki Rukia, Lingerie, Solo, Holiday,

3 January 2015
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  • Ana: PLEASE do more Rukia! You draw her perfectly!!
    5 Jan 2015 11:42
  • Lexus: <strong>it was in SPAM, but its in the wall now! thank you for letting us know! if the requests was months ago and it didnt show up in the wall, consider reposting them since it will get lost in all the spam notes we get everyday! :)
    4 Jan 2015 04:51
  • Ero-Shunsui: 2-3 days ago it's a cosplay request
    4 Jan 2015 03:09
  • Don: simply perfect and exactly what i had in mind! thx for your work :)
    4 Jan 2015 02:19
  • Lexus: <strong>when did u post it?
    4 Jan 2015 01:42
  • Celto: I've noticed that the guys have pubes nearly all the time, yet the girls barely have any. I'm guessing it's a preference of yours, but could it be balanced out so the women have it more frequently as well?
    4 Jan 2015 01:00
  • Ero-Shunsui: Lexus did you see my request? i'm sure it's on spam because it hasn't yet shown
    4 Jan 2015 00:10