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My Version of Rukia

Tags: Bleach, Hentai, Nude, Kuchiki Rukia, Ecchizen, Anime, Original, Artwork,

6 April 2017
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  • shinigami: Please work on your faces. So far, just about every woman looks like a pre-to-early teen with a woman's body. It is truly a jarring effect.
    11 Apr 2017 00:42
  • SennaFan: It's great! Can make one for Senna with bigger boobs in a blowbang, with an ecstatic look?
    8 Apr 2017 23:03
  • Tomohisa: Now I can tell that I like your style but... Rukia's tits are way too big! You should draw girls like they are in manga/anime. I love Rukia because she has small tits even as an adult. I hope you stay with us!
    8 Apr 2017 20:25