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30 September 2014
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  • Lexus: <strong>it's cool! :) at first when i started here i get complaints about my pics having certain kinds of details/coloring/effects on them, its why i tried to stick with simplicity and maybe at least do it like ellery's (the effects only like the lighting, since you guys adore her style.) as for the clothes and stuff, i do it still if its not requests.. since most requests would want them fully naked.. thanks for giving ur opinion about it, im gonna TRY and balance out the stuff you guys lik...
    e..i understand i can't PLEASE everybody, so thanks for bearing with me ^^;
    9 Oct 2014 01:55
  • Xelda: Lately too light effects applied and that is very annoying. Besides that blurs your images lately too. His lines and are not as dark and defined, are now opaque(not always). And do not give the details to your images as the start and blush or sweat, especially the remains of clothes left to the characters, which were a great touch. None of your images of the month compared to their first images No offense, it's that I really love your work and I was glad when I saw him as the new artis...
    t Bleachpixxx and fear you becometh as the artist narutopixxx that eventually became too loose with their images
    2 Oct 2014 10:25
  • zero: Hell no, your pics are HQ as always. Love this pic for real. (also because i recognized the manga after few sec XD) awesome idea and awesome pic. (though i color pics too im not as good as you, but hoping to become that good)
    1 Oct 2014 13:48
  • Lexus: <strong>i love nozomi too! i think im find of girls with TUTTI FRUTTI hair colors XD..it's the angle :) I tried making it smaller but it looked weird ..
    1 Oct 2014 09:49
  • Lexus: <strong> aw.. sorry u feel that way about the pics, id be happy if you can tell me the stuff that is making my pics lose quality, so that I may improve them in the future! :) im not perfect but ill do my best!^^
    1 Oct 2014 09:46
  • Xelda: Lexus, I notice images lose their quality lately. They do not compare to the first images that you were publishing u_u
    1 Oct 2014 09:05
  • GoP: awesome! i love nozomi, although she's a petite girl, her ass looks a bit too big in my opinion, but maybe its just the angles
    1 Oct 2014 04:14